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Aug 29, 2007 04:57 AM

Killarney and surrounds

Travelling to Dublin and southwest very soon. Any "must try" places in this, restaurant, or locale we just need to "experience"???? TIA

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  1. The Muckross Park Hotel outside Killarney used to have some good food. I can't vouch for it now because it's been quite a few years since our trip to that area. For lunch, the Avoca Weavers restaurant at Moll'sl Gap in the Ring is very enjoyable - good views, too. Do a search using the box above and to the right for Dublin - there were some good suggestions a few weeks back.

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      Thankyou....have a long list Dublin restos to take`with us!! Your tips will join the list...

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        Wish I could help more with Dublin. I was there in late June, but my plane was delayed and a friend took me to his favorite 'sub-continent' (homage to Howler) restaurant which was very good but not our first choice. There's no lack of good food in Dublin. I had a terrific breakfast at the Westin - great Irish smoked salmon!

    2. West End House in Killarney, on New Street, is excellent.

      1. Kenmare is the best place around Killarney/southwest for food. Try the Purple Heather, Prego or Jam (which is also in Killarney) for lunch, Mulcahy's, Packie's or the Lime Tree for dinner - they are all great. Prego is also good for breakfast, as is Bacus which is owned by the same people