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Aug 28, 2007 11:31 PM

Where to go for beer in Vancouver

Hello all,

My boyfriend and I will be journeying to Vancouver from Phoenix, Arizona this weekend. This is his first time to Canada and as part of that he wants one night to be "Canadian beer night". Do any of you know how we can oblige him? I don't know where exactly in Vancouver we will be staying, but as long as we can get there by city transit I'm not too afraid. So throw out some suggestions please.

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  1. My husband says that the Cactus Club has the coldest beer in town.

    1. Steamworks Brewpub. Housemade Canadian beer - much better than the big brewery stuff!

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        Ditto Steamworks. Good beer, food's not bad either. I love all the different rooms they have, so you can pick your ambience: sports bar, lounge, restaurant, etc.

      2. Thursday night is Cask night at Dix brewpub on Beatty street. They bring in a cask from whatever brewery every Thurs night. Same can be said for The Whip at E 6th and Main (2 blocks from my place WOOHOO) but on every Sunday. The ones at The Whip are from all over the ones at Dix are BC only (I think) and Dix is also a brewpub so once the cask is done all they have on tap is BC craft brews.

        1. it's been around forever but for whatever reason, the beer just tastes better - good service, fun atmosphere - the irish heather in gastown. excellent fries with curry sauce too.

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            If you check out Granville Island (just a 5 mins seabus ride from downtown, across the harbour) try the Granville Island brewery, You can even take a tasting tour of brewery. Brewery Tours are several daily, $9.75 including 4 tasters, and I believe are first come first served.