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Aug 28, 2007 10:32 PM

Basel to Brienz, Switzerland - suggestions?

Will be soon visiting Brienz, Interlaken area, and Basel Switzerland - any special dining suggestions in any of these places?

Anyone been to Bruderholz in Basel? Got mentioned in 1000 Things to do before you die. Is it that good? Thanks

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  1. You should check out the Migros Supermarket chain. They are everywhere and an exceptionally Swiss thing. Also, try Rivella, a local soda made from lactic acid. I like it but my wife does not. You should try Roesti (this German Swiss national dish).

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      I'm often in Basel on business and it's always a mixed bag. Very expensive for what you get. Bruderholz is quite spectacular though - six courses for around E150.

      I try to scale it down now and go for plates of cured meat, fresh salads and bread, washed down with a few beers - very satisfying. Walk around the Barfussplatz, you'll find Kunsthalle and a few other local places.

      Oh, Aqua is also pretty cool. 5 mins walk from the train station.

      And don't forget a stop in Sprungli for chocolates to take home. Their plain dark chocolate is divine.

      Have fun!