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Aug 28, 2007 10:12 PM

Food options in NW Austin/Cedar Park

I picked up a new client recently which means I will be in far NW Austin once a week until 8 or 9. I will be out west of 620 quite a few miles on Anderson, and coming back to East-central Austin via 183. Since this is my busiest day, I'm hoping to find some good chow to take home, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with this part of town. I tried a search, and the pickings about this general area seemed slim. I already know about Asia Cafe and really like their food, and I've tried Sambet's and was unimpressed. Is there anything along this route (or off of it a little bit) that I should try that is open in the evening? Suggestions would be appreciated. And my main criterion is great food--any cuisine is welcome to apply.

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  1. I would suggest Reale's. It's in the shopping center at the corner of Anderson Mill and 183. It's my favorite pizza in town and they have some pretty good Italian dishes on the menu as well. I'm fond of their simple but tasty sausage and peppers.

    Also, in the same shopping center, there's a Tino's Greek Cafe. It's one of many in Austin now, but the food is decent and it's quick and easy to get it to go.

    Unfortunately, this part of town has very few great restaurants. Lots and lots of chain establishments though.

    1. I'll second the recommendation for Reale's. Simple dishes done very well. I love the slightly spicy marinara sauce.

      For sushi, I really enjoy Midori on 183 in that same shopping center as the Alamo Draft House.

      There is also a Persian restaurant (Shandeez) and a Filipino restaurant (can't remember the name) in a shopping center on Anderson Mill between Parmer and 183, although I haven't tried either yet. Anyone been there who would care to share their experience?

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        I've been to Shandeez Grill once and enjoyed the Joojeh-Kabob (one skewer of marinated chunks of bone-in Cornish hen, served with grilled tomato and basmati rice) -- moist and tender, in contrast to the rather dry rice, along with some Maast-o-Khiar (yogurt-cucumber-mint dip) for additional flavor. The service was attentive and friendly; I'd definitely return for more grilled meats. I haven't eaten at the Filipino restaurant in the same strip mall, but it's called Mang Dedoy's, and it's basically a grocery store with a few tables for dining in (the same business model as Asia Cafe, but on an even smaller scale).

        The attraction of Reale's is a mystery to my wife and myself -- we're both transplants from the NY/NJ area and our one visit, about two years ago, was a disaster. It is a poor imitation of a real Northeast Italian-American old-style red-sauce restaurant. We ordered a pizza which came to our table barely cooked, and when we sent it back to the kitchen it was kept in the oven so long it came back burnt. The so-called antipasto platter ($10) bore no resemblance to any other such antipasto platters in our experience -- instead of nicely rolled marinated, spiced meats, we got big chunks of nearly inedible foodstuffs. Our waiter was nowhere to be found when we needed him, and never even checked back to see if our food was to our liking.

        The only thing that came close to being OK on our visit to Reale's was the Sinatra impersonator who sat on a stool and crooned Frank's tunes to pre-recorded instrumental backing. That guy wasn't half bad. On the other hand, if you're looking for good Italian food in Austin there are far better places for it.

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          I also recommend Midori though it's a bit farther south of the shopping center with the Alamo. It's near near the intersection of 183 and Anderson Mill near the blockbuster video and a haircut place. I always get their grilled fish lunch special which has a little of everything but their rolls are great too. Will try and remember the name of the one my husband always gets.

        2. I don't know if this is on your way, but it just opened a few months ago and their food is quite good. Get the daily specials, they are almost always great.

          1. I like Reale's ok but the best pizza in town is at Saccone's. It's great. Unfortunately the 183 location near 620 burned but I hear they're looking for a new location so keep an eye out for that.

            There's a recently opened Hoovers on 183 near Anderson Mill. I haven't tried that location but definitely worth a stop to check it out.

            The shopping center with Asia Cafe and Sambet's has a small indonesian take out place that I like. Also the tex-mex restaurant at the same shopping center is worth a return visit, IMO. And there's a bbq place that used to be excellent but I haven't tried it in years.

            Also, your route home takes you past the shopping center on 183 near Burnet - adjacent to Target. Din Ho chinese, the Taiwanese cafe, the pho restaurant, and Sunshine Vietnamese are all excellent.

            1. I moved from this area about eight months ago to south austin. At the time, the pickings were pretty slim. I really like Reale's. Hoover's is good. Pacific Star Oyster Bar. Tea House is passable. Other than that, ummm, no. I like the rec for Tino's Greek Cafe. That is goodness.

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                Honestly, check Midori for Sushi. It's next to the defunct Albertson's off of Anderson Mill. The service is outstanding. Not being a connosieur, I rely on my friend who travels each month to various locations in Asia. He has established a relationship with the folks there and believes the fish to be fresh and delish. My novice Sushi palate agrees.