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Aug 28, 2007 09:48 PM

All India Cafe Pasadena

I had dinner at All India last night due to reading favorable reviews. We had chicken tandori, chicken masala, biryani and a chickpea dish. The chicken tandoori was nothing remotely even close to tandoori. It was like a reheated grilled chicken and had absolutly NO tandoori flavor. The masala was OK. The chickpea and biryani were good, but nothing worth a second visit. The service was poor. I'm wondering why anyone would recommend this place and why????

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  1. All India is decent but I have to agree with you that some of the dishes are not exciting and underspiced. I rather go to Akbar (a chain) for Indian in Old Pas.

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      Have never been to All India (don't know why). I agree, Akbar is really good. I also like Sitar for their lunch buffet. Radhika's is pretty popular as well, but I prefer Sitar and Akbar (Akbar is nicer and more expensive).

    2. I went with my girlfriend a couple of months ago and shared a vegetarian dinner. We liked it a lot and had fine service (and this was on a reasonably busy Saturday night).

      All in all I'd say it was just about as good as Star of India on Melrose, my usual top pick for Indian in L.A.

      1. Sorry to hear that the dinner courses aren't that great. I can say, however, that they do a pretty decent lunch. I usually like to try different things, but at All India Cafe, I have found 1 dish that I really like, so I rarely deviate. I get the lunch chicken tikka masala, and it comes with lentils, rice and salad. The rice is really good! Fluffy SEPARATE grains, unlike asian rice, which tends to be sticky. The chicken tikka masala always has a ton of flavor and is sitting in a tasty sauce.

        I have never been to Akbar (for lunch or dinner), but other Indian food options would be Sitar on Colorado and Radhikas (next to Green St. restaurant). I've been to Mezbaan and think it's average.

        1. I haven't been for dinner, but I do like getting their frankies for lunch.

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          1. How is it that this place has completely ripped off the menu from Bombay Cafe ? (sev puri, frankies, thalis) I would think they were the same owners, but the quality here is nowhere near as good as Bombay Cafe.