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Aug 28, 2007 09:32 PM

Great Lunch Place on a Budget in tribeca?

Hello All, this is my inaugural posting, and I felt inspired to post since being wowed by the quality and know-how of the responses on the Manhattan boards. Here is the deal, I am a New York Law School student( slanderous humor is welcome btw...) and I have just started my first year. Now, I know of the many venerable places in Tribeca, but I am looking for a different kind of place. My school is on worth street between church and west Broadway, I am looking for some tasty and affordable lunch spots in the immediate area. I have already tried the Pakistani tea house, and a very packed Cuban place right off church ( cannot recall the name), please enlighten me with all of your suggestions since I have three years to explore all these places, please fell free to be voluminous. In a slightly related story, I am a Queens native and love the amount of discussion regarding Queens places on these boards because I believe Queens is really a diamond in the culinary rough...thanks ahead of time

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  1. i like Walker's. It has pretty good food and you won't break the bank.

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        i havent been but there's that bon ton korean fried chicken place on chambers off church.

        kitchenette on chambers, bubbys on hudson, walkers rules of course.

        its not the best option for lunch time but its a great area obviously.

        1. South's is fun... burger's, mac & cheese... I think it's actually considered southern food. anyway, it's cozy, relaxed, and looks like an average bar.

            1. Try Delphi on W. Broadway & Reade for a souvlaki sandwich/gyro.

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                Yup - Trebeca is tough on a budget. 'Wichcraft is a great option for delicious sandwiches (including the best homemade ice cream sandwiches). Cornerstone Grill has great fried chicken. Excellent Dumplings has decent cheap dumpies. Landmarc is not horribly expensive for burgers and sandwiches or a fast salad and the food is great.

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                  One of my favorite sandwich places in the city, Columbine, is down there. Prices similar to 'wichcraft but a lot more food. Try the roast chicken sandwich.

                  Cafe Clementine
                  227 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013