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Aug 28, 2007 08:39 PM

Good Tribeca Dessert Place Open Late

Looking for a place close to Tribeca Grand (6th and church) for a good dessert - open until at least 10pm.


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  1. Landmarc in Tribeca serves a dessert sampler of $15 with all sorts of dessert, and is open till 2am

    1. Blaue Gans is open until 1 am and has great desserts.

      1. Nobu and Nobu next door have an amazing desert called the Chocolate Bento Box. . . HIGHLY recommended. Also, Daniel Bouley's Bakery is open late. Enjoy!

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          Bubby's on Hudson. It started as a pie company in the 1980's I believe. My husband and I live and eat in Tribeca and we often forgo desert where we eat so that we can go sit at the bar at Bubby's and order two slices of pie and two after dinner drinks. The sour cherry w/ vanilla ice cream is excellent in season, the banana cream is incredible, and the peanut butter chocolate is sublime. I seem to always eat the same three because they are so tasty -- which keeps me from trying all the others, which I'm sure are equally as good.