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Aug 28, 2007 08:23 PM

KC BBQ 2 questions

I just caught the middle of a show on food network where some guy was competeing in a BBQ contest in KC. He was being coached by a guy called Fast Eddie.
When they were doing the brisket, Eddie showed him burnt ends. The guy tries one, and goes nuts. Says it's the best thing off a bbq he ever had. Insane.
OK, I know this reaction. I had it. Everyone that I introduce burnt ends to has this reaction.
So my questions are..
Who is Fast Eddie? What is his place?
Why are burnt ends almost exclusively Kansas City?
I know they started in KC, but how can something this good, remain almost a secret?

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  1. Fast Eddie's is at (816) 358-3278 - 9604 E Us Highway 40, Independence, MO.
    I can't answer your other questions, and good questions they are!

    1. You might find this article in the Chicago Trib of interest -- some burnt ends questions answered

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        Thanks, heatherkay. That was interesting. Good to see Trillin giving LC's some props.
        A year ago there were no burnt ends in Des Moines. Plenty of BBQ places though.
        Today I know of 3 places here to get them. One very good, one not so good, and one I recently read about that will be reviewed soon. So it only took about 60 years for them to go about 170 miles. They should be all over the country by 2200.