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Aug 28, 2007 08:06 PM

Driskill vs. Four Seasons: Sunday birthday brunch for 30-something, well-heeled ladies

Hello all;

I am seeking the final word on the Sunday brunch square off between Driskill and Four Seasons. I have been to a number of brunches in the ATX, and still favor the Four Seasons for its many fine qualities, including delicious seafood, incredible desserts, and bottomless champagne. I have, in fact, only found a better brunch--in terms of eloquence, variety of deliciousness, and general pomp and circumstance--at the Shangri La Bangkok. But, what I really want to know, my friends in food, is, does the Driskill have anything on the Four Seasons? I have only been to the Driskill for drinks, and it seems..., old, but perhaps things are freshened up for Sunday Brunch? Someone had mentioned this to me... but it just seems impossible. Please share your knowledge, as brunch is at stake!! Thank you so much for your candid and kind responses.

The Bunny

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  1. Brunch at The Driskill is news to me. Is it put together by the 1886 Cafe, or The Grill? If the former, I would avoid.

    And isn't the Cafe at the Four Seasons about to change into Trio? Are they still serving the brunch?

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      They've already done a soft launch of the new menu at Trio; there's no way they'll get rid of that brunch

    2. I just had brunch at the 1886 Room last Sunday. You must be asking about the Grill and not the 1886 Room. In any case, I vote for the Four Seasons all the way.

      Have you (or has anyone else) ever tried the Sunday Brunch at Fonda San Miguel? I know that one is really popular too.

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        The search function is great. It pulled up this thread on FSM, which links to others about their brunch.

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          La Fonda San Miguel is lovely. Kind of a drive north for us city gals, but still just lovely... So pleasant with the fountain. Angel and his boys playing music to tame a thousand sirens. Well crafted spice combinations stimulating the tongue. But this is not enough. . . We are seeking excess here! But not just any excess, we are seeking deliciousness for women who live on very low calorie diets all week so that they fit into their fabulous outfits on the weekend. If one is going to save one's calories all week, one must have excellence in excess. :-)

        2. The original comment has been removed