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Aug 28, 2007 07:41 PM

Lunch near Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall/Courts

Hey everyone, I just started work last week in a law office right near the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4/5 subway stop. It's actually on Duane St. between Broadway & Lafayette. Anyway, I am looking for a variety of options for lunch (and a good place for breakfast sandwiches and coffee too). The area I'm talking about is right in the middle of all of the courts and City Hall.

I would particularly like recommendations on:
- Pizza
- Mexican
- Chinese/Thai (although I'm sure I'll dig a ton up with a chinatown search)
- Middle Eastern

I'm also a bit of a Rafiqi's junky, but they're only in midtown to my knowledge - I would love any suggestions for a good cart for a lamb on pita or lamb platter.

I'm sure there are good threads on this already, but I honestly couldn't dig anything up that looked good from the last year or two.

Thanks in advance!
- Steve

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  1. Though it's not exotic cuisine, I highly recommend The Bridge Cafe!

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      1. Update: Today, I went to Sophie's (Cuban) with a few coworkers. I had the roast pork sandwich, and a beef patty. Both were fantastic, and everyone else's plates looked full and delicious.

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          1. Thai - Benny's or Pongrsi Thai. You might want to do a search of this site there are a lot of recent threads including a financial district lunch thread and a Seaport dining one.