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Feb 14, 2006 05:09 PM

John's Grill in SF

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We got last minute reservations to Johns Grill in San Francisco. I have not heard of the place. Has anyone out there been or heard anything about it?



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  1. Used to be one of our favorites years ago...tragically, they had a fire, and the delay in reconstruction resulted in many changes. It was getting bad reviews. We never went back to check it out, but have been curious. I loved the calamari in a wine/cream sauce. Please report back to us. The place seems to be coasting on the Maltese Falcon theme, rather than the excellent food it was known for.

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      Thanks for the info. If we end up going I will let you know how it was.

      1. re: Jim H.

        So the verdict is in....The food was average. Not anything spectacular but not horrible. I had the Red Snapper and My b-friend has the Steak. Our waitress provided excellent service. Even brought us choc. covered strawberries at the end of the meal. Overall, it was great but I'm not dying to go there anytime soon.

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          Thanks...I kinda figured. It really never got back on its feet after the fire. In fact, I think it may have changed owners. Too much Falcon hype.

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            Zach Georgopoulos

            The current owner and his family have been involved there for ages. Gus Konstin was Maitre d' at Jack's, then bought John's in the '70s. When he retired, his son John took it over (and later bought Jack's, but that's another matter).

      2. I love these old timey SF seafood places. My advise is to keep your order simple; a nice piece of grilled fish (petrole sole or sand dabs) preceded by a dry martini.. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy.

        1. I was there last summer. I always get liver & onions, it's usually fine. Downstairs has more "ambience," upstairs is much quieter.

          1. Yeah, it has a history w. The maltese falcon (not exactly sure what) and it's OK. it's an old-school grill, so don't expect exceptional food OR service.

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              I recently asked about this place and Zach responded that it is caught up too much with its history but still solid meat and potatoes. Lol typos, that almost went out as soiled.

              1. re: bea

                what about 'old school' implies bad service?

                i've had excellent service there.