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Aug 28, 2007 06:22 PM

Where can I get a Robot Coupe food processor? [Moved from Not About Food board]

I tried ordering it from the Napa Style catalog but they were going to charge me an extra 11% on top of the ~$500 for the processor (it can't be tax because Alaska doesn't have a sales tax). I know Williams-Sonoma has one but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that I want. What other catelogs out there sell this Food Processor??? Do you own one? How do you like it?

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  1. Robot Coupe USA has a website and, even better, a 1-800 phone number (1-800-824-1646) so you can call them and ask. Good luck finding what you want.

      1. Most serious restaurant supply houses have contacts for Robo-coupe and other professional equipment. I have used the Robo-Coupe professional and they are fantastic. Even the basic model is more than you will ever need in a residential kitchen, unless you are cooking for the Van Trapps. They have a wide range of accessories but they can be very pricey with the full kit.

        I have a Cuisinart 11 cup processor at home and have used them in many commercial kitchens. The Cuisinart is more than adequate for 99.5 % of cooks. If it was my choice. I would keep the 11C. Cuisinart and use the extra money to buy a Hobart stand mixer.


          1. Try the chefs catalog. They have 2 models - about $350 & $500. I do not know if they ship to AK. It's free to lower 48 if one spends more than $99.