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Aug 28, 2007 05:39 PM

In Ellsworth for Labor day weekend

Going to be in Ellsworth for Labor Day and am looking to eat my way through the weekend. I've tried most places in the area and will be traveling most days. Can anyone tell me about the cuisine at the following (BTW am allergic to shellfish, so no lobstah for me)

Country Charm - Steuben
Chase's - Winter harbor
Skip's Chow Hall - Wiscasset

I love Moody's, Jordan's (in Ellsworth), Dysarts. Am looking for home cooking/comfort food.

Also, does anyone know the weekend hours for Friar's Bakery in Bangor?


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  1. Ate at Country charm and Chase's a few weeks ago. Country Charm--better-than-good home cooking. Fish and chips were excellent--not on the menu anymore, had to ask for them. Chase's has fancified its menu a bit, but it's still Chase's. Sweet potato fries are a bit hit. If you haven't been to Chester Pike's, put that on your list.

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      Ditto for Chester Pike's Galley. Lobster Benedict, mmmmmmmmm! Consider Cleonise ant the Lobster Pot.

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        I grew up in Ellsworth and whenever I go back for a visit, a breakfast or brunch at The Riverside Cafe on Main Street is a must. Their home made corned beef hash is wonderful...very peppery. And the cinnamon roll french toast (special) is heavenly. They also have several unique omlettes and benedicts (and you can get just one egg benedict if you prefer)

        It can get very busy on weekend mornings, but is well worth the wait. Check for a seat at the counter if there is a line.

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          MMMMMMMMMMMM sounds good,Pass, but I am allergic to shellfish. Looking for good Haddock or other fish though.

          1. re: dwharff

            Has anyone had the Friday Fish Fry at the Trenton Lighthouse?

            1. re: dwharff

              dwharff - I'm curious to know where you ate??