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Aug 28, 2007 05:11 PM

Lunch in Portland?

After spending a few days on the coast (near Newport), I'll be driving back to PDX on a Thursday for a late-afternoon flight. What are some solid suggestions for a nice meal to cap off a trip to Oregon?

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    Gee, nobody will even snarl, "Do a search!" ??? ... Which I've done ... I just thought I would solicit a fresh suggestion or two. Visitors to our SW board and the NE board are greeted with helpful suggestions along with the occasional snarl. Thanks --

    1. PokPok Thai on SE Division. it's faulous chang Mai street Thai that is done to perfection

      1. Higgins (downtown) has a good lunch deal and is very nice in a northwest kind of way.

        1. Pho Van for wonderful vietnamese is close to the airport. Just take 82nd all the way there...

          1. Wow, thanks for the great suggestions! Any more? I look forward to my Portland-area lunch next Thursday -- I'm tempted to linger in there for a meal before driving over to the coast.

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              I second the Pok Pok suggestion. Best Thai food I've ever eaten in this country.