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Aug 28, 2007 04:55 PM

Breakfast and lunch in Annapolis?

We'll be in Annapolis for a wedding, so will have plenty of "fancy" food. Ideas for great local food for several breakfasts and lunches? Will have car and will be in town the weekend of Navy and Airforce football game.

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  1. I have always enjoyed Pusser's located at the Marriott on the waterfront. The atmosphere on the outside deck is awesome and the menu features lots of seafood. You must try the crab dip and bloody marys are strong and spicy. There are a lot bar/pub style restaurants down by the water and I'm sure they are all good as well. Have a great time!

    1. For a good, down home breakfast, try Regina's in West Annapolis. The service is slow, but you can get good pancakes or other breakfast food. It keeps you away from the tourist traps. Just plan on spending some good down time there.

      1. I like Galway Bay for Irish pub food with an Annapolis twist., Tsunami for Sushi, Lemongrass for Thai (slow service).

        For basic Annapolis downtown food, I like McGarvey's or Middleton's. If you sit outside you can do some great people watching. If you head out of town, you can get good burgers at Five Guys and Cheeburger Cheeburger. See posts about the comparision of the two chains and make your own decision. Over the bridge to Eastport, the Boatyard Bar and Grill has some good food. If you really want to go to a local place, head out of town down Forestdrive and hit the Mexican Cafe. They have great food in a colorful setting.

        Pusser's has it's fans and it is a great location, but nothing really special in my opinion. I do think it is a great place to have an app and a drink. Some people sware by Chick and Ruth's for breakfast. It is certainly a colorful place, but I really don't get the appeal.

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          I agree about Pussers not the biggest fan of the food, but the view is nice. For crab dip , crabcakes, mussels and that kind of thing I like McGarvey's (their crab dip is so much better than Pussers). I think Middleton's is a little pricey, but they have good breakfast. Galway Bay does an excellent crabcake and has great entree salads and a good prime rib sandwich. I forget if they do breakfast, but if they did I would go. Love that place.

          You could also go to Chick and Ruth's for breakfast. It is kind of touristy, but also a local place out of season. They have bagels, and eggs and that kind of thing. Very inexpensive. Regina's is good and me be out of the way enough to avoid some of the crowds.

          The Main Ingredient in Eastport is not as good as it used to be for lunch and dinner, but still has some good breakfast. I like their Chesapeake Benedict and their french toast.


          Tsunami is excellent for lunch, but a little more pricey.

          I crave Cheeburger Cheeburger like no other, but it is just a little place in a shopping center so not the same atmosphere as downtown. But the freash cut onion rings and french fries are soooo good. And it is out fo the way enough you would probably avoid the crowds.

          That is a pretty busy weekend at local and tourist spots so you may just want to go somewhere you can make a reservation.

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            I agree with ktmoomau, aviod Buddy's at all costs. Now I am craving fries and rings from Cheeburger.

            1. re: Annapolis07

              I wish I had found this post earlier. I just got back from Buddy's. I was cravng steam crabs. Paid $42 for 6 jumbos. I would say these were the worst crabs I ever tasted in my lifetime. They had a unique smell to them. It was as if they were previously frozen or may have just died. I'm in Annapolis for the week. I will try Cantler's before I leave.

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                Adam's Ribs - a must for Ribs and their pork sandwhich.

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                  $84 a dozen? In October? Yikes!

        2. I used to live in the annapolis area but have since moved but I would bet the best place to eat breakfast in the annapolis area is the double t diner located on the corner of 450 and 2 they are a greek family place that is very busy but cranks out great food!! even if there is a line it will move fast. they also have dinner items as well they have good food any other time as well but it IS the best breakfast place in annaplois!! My favortite is the chip beef with potatoes and toast!!! after you eat take 450 to downtown to tour the harbor if if you like mexican you can go south down rt 2 a mile or so to chevys fresh mex for the best salsa and chips i have found anywhere. it is a chain but i have been to others but the recipe must be different!! since moving to north carolina i have driven back to visit these places! If you like chicken salad the Giant grocery store nearby sells a grilled chicken salad that I have yet to find a comparison to. they sell it at the deli . we have asked but they won't share the recipe!

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            I agree with Double T.

            Another great breakfast place is Grumps in Eastport ( The owners have a great sense of humor and they make a mean breakfast.

            In the same area (lunch) you can go to the Main Ingredient ( Great salads.

          2. We went to Carrol's Creek a few months ago and it had a beautiful view. It is over a bridge (maybe 1/4 mile away from the strip) and was delicius. We had brunch there and will certainly go back.