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Aug 28, 2007 04:35 PM

Romantic Bithday dinner around Oakland

Hey everyone. I am looking for a romantic dinner for my girlfriends birthday this Friday. We just got back into the country after two years working in Africa and I want to do something really special for her. I was thinking about The Dead Fish in Crocket of Scott's Seafood at Jack London square. We love food especially seafood, slow dinners and wine. Id appreciate any recommendations. Ive been gone a while and I don't really know the restaurants anymore. i want to do something really special for her. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Dead Fish and Scott's are both corporate operations where you might eat decently or badly depending on your luck. Here are some topics with better recommendations:

    1. I really like Jojo on Piedmont in Oakland -- quiet, small, great food & wine!

      1. Sea Salt. It's not exactly romantic, but it's not entirely unromantic, and it does a very nice job w/ seafood. Certainly as romantic as the two you list. I'd call and make a reservation. Let them know the occasion and make sure you'll have the table for long enough. If you reserve on, you can write a note regarding the occasion and your requirements. Maybe see if they'd arrange to have a special bouquet at the table before you arrive. They currently show tables for two available all night.

        White list:
        Red list:

        You could very well have a nicer fish dish at Chez Panisse, Oliveto, Jojo, etc., but if you want a full seafood menu in the East Bay, this is your best bet.

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          I agree with lexdevil. I just celebrated a birthday last week at Sea Salt. The food was terrific and the service impeccable. Didn't much care for the blue room decor. Do have the monkfish liver with sea urchin and sturgeon caviar. I could have skipped my main course and just had a second starter.

        2. I like Sea Salt a lot, but don't find it at all romantic or (except for a warm, sunny afternoon on the back patio) the kind of place I'd want to linger.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I agree that it's not romantic, but romantic and seafood do not seem to intersect at all in the East Bay. If romantic trumps seafood, I'd probably go w/ Jojo, but if seafood is key... A bottle of Champagne and some flowers might help.

          2. Thanks a lot for replying. Sounds like everyone thinks jojo is the most romantic place in the Bay. Can i ask why and about the food? Ratings and suggestions. Thank you so much for your help

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              Jojo is very small and quiet, so it's a decent place for a romantic meal. I consider it more cozy than romantic. People default to Jojo for this sort of request because 1)It's too late to book Chez Panisse, 2)Some think Oliveto is too pricey for its simple approach, 3)Cesar/A Cote/Wood Tavern are too noisy, 4)Pizzaiolo and Dopo are too casual, and 5)Eccolo is too pricey when compared to other places of its quality (for dinner).

              The food at Jojo is excellent, but not fancy. It is rustic French. Presentations are not fussy. Here's the menu: The trio of salads is always nice. Desserts are good. You are unlikely to experience a culinary revelation at Jojo, but everything will be good and the evening should be calm and pleasant.

              1. re: lexdevil

                Thanks for the input everyone. Has anyone heard of Le Bateau Ivre? I heard it's nice.

                  1. re: matewu

                    I wouldn't recommend it. Not that romantic, and the food is subpar.