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Perhaps you're a lawyer, public defender or sheriff's deputy who spends a lot of time at the county lockup downtown @ 450 Bauchet Street or maybe Uncle Dave keeps getting busted for DUI. Anyway, you've eaten at one of the many fast food joints across from L.A.'s graybar hotel and know which are gud. Now's your chance to drop a dime, no questions asked.
No, I'm not talking about Chinatown (Phillippe's) or J-Town.

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  1. Wow, no C-Town, Phillippe's or J-Town? What fast food joints are across the street from the jail? There's some kind of market mixed in with the bail bond places. How about Alvera St then? Specifically La Luz Del Dia.

    1. How about Traxx at Union Station?

        1. Seriously, you're limiting yourself to the bail bonds across the street and Denny's. I guess I should check out the few joints they have there.

          1. Your choices are really, really, REALLY limited, Gohan.

            In the adjacent strip mall is a dollar Chinese place (disgusting) and, if it's still there, a Subway. There's a BK on Cesar Chavez behind Twin Towers, and the Denny's, of course... but Philippe's is the same distance as Denny's. In Union Station is Traxx and a pretty good bagel shop (but don't get their pizza bagels, they're premade and absolutely hellacious).

            Honestly, spend the couple of bucks and get a Red or Gold Line train to anywhere and it'll be better.

            1. There is a cafeteria in the MTA building right there with several different food stations that I believe is open to the public, or at least used to be.

              1. eastside italian deli is about a mile and a half away.
                a little bit further away is grand central market which has tons of great food stands

                1. In addition to the MTA options, DASH will get you darn near anywhere in downtown for 25 cents. One line goes as far as Trade Tech!
                  Take Route D down Spring Street, get off at 7th, try something middle eastern at St. Vincent Court.

                  1. You can get pretty decent barbque at Spring Street Smokehouse located a the southern edge of Chinatown.