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Aug 28, 2007 03:38 PM

Please comment on Rome choices!!

Calling all Chowhounds to comment on the following choices for four nights in Rome. I have put many hours and thought into these picks and would like some feedback.

Cul de Sac/pizza - first night upon arrival in Rome
Checchino Del 1887

Staying in the Campo dei Fiori area. Looking for authentic, not stuffy, not toooooo expensive. Traveling to Eurpoe for the first time with hubby after twenty-years of marriage. Want to have fun and eat great food.

Kathy in Tennessee

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  1. Cul de Sac/pizza
    Cul de Sac is great, but no reservations, uncomfortable seats, and tends to be crowded. Try to go early.

    I haven't been in a long time since I don't really like it (more uncomfortable seats, for one thing), but many people adore it.

    Checchino Del 1887
    Superb restaurant for unreconstructed classic trattoria food (the kind it's getting harder to find in trattorias), with good service, great wines, and two cheese trolleys. I love it.

    The one time I went, the service was supercilious and the food inedible. Obviously, never went back, but it has many fans.

    Check the other Rome threads for other ideas.

    1. when are you leaving? is it too late?

      1. Cul de Sac is good for drinks and meats, but the cooked dishes, including the pastas but possibly not the soups, are probably not the way to go. If you want pizza on your first night, you'll do better elsewhere. (I like Remo in Testaccio, but Baffetto will be closer.)

        Matricianella is perfectly fine, although it won't be your favorite meal in Rome. And Checchino is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. If you have any interest in wine and have a few spare euros rattling around, ask about an older wine from the cellars - not cheap, probably, but in terms of quality per dollar, a great value.

        1. Try le Campana - always recommend it went this May once and was really impressed and as my mother had sprained her ankle we couldn't walk far so went back again and that was equally impressive.

          1. Checchino Del 1887: I have praised this restaurant in other posts.