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Best steakhouse...

I am sure this is a topic that has been coverred ad nauseum on here, but I need to make a rezzy for Thurs night for a party of 2. It doesn't need to be romantic, it's an important dinner I am having with my business partner.

When I read the reviews on here and menupages, they all seem to range from terrible to "the absolute best", the conflicting reports are confusing.

Should I just goto Smith & Wolls? Or try something like Palm Too or Old Homestead?


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  1. You're right! This has been covered ad nauseum. The Chow team worked hard to get this new search tool working--here's something to get you started.


    1. Striphouse is my favorite! Best ribeye.

      1. For a nice steak dinner with business partner, I would do Del Frisco's

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          If I were in midtown I would go to Sparks. The best sirloin, kind of an old school place, and they take reservations. I would go to Strip House if I wanted to be a little more downtown. Also, I have never been there, but I have heard Wolfgang's is great.

        2. Wolfgang's is very good. Skip Old Homestead-- steaks had no flavor, service not very nice.

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            I would say the same think about wolfgangs. no flavor and poor service.

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              S&W Grill would be my choice and get the cajun ribeye

          2. I second Sparks or Del Frisco's. IMHO, the best two steakhouses on the isle of Manhattan.

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              crazy that there's still debate...

              keen's is the best in manhattan...lugers beats them all in bk.

            2. Ben & Jack's is absolutely the place to go for an important business dinner. Former Luger's boys with amazing food, superior service, elegant ambiance and good location.

              Charlie, Ben, Jack and Geoff are the most respectful Maitre'des I've ver dealt with.

              1. No to Smith and Wollinsky..Not what it was...Bobby Vans still #1 in my book.