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Aug 28, 2007 01:54 PM

La Chassagnette post-Rubinel

Has anyone been to La Chassagnette in Le Sambuc since Rubinel left? We're going to be in the area in early October and were hoping that the weather will hold out and let us enjoy an al fresco lunch there, assuming the food is still worth the trip (we'll be staying in St. Remy, so the trip is actually not too bad).

Any input would be appeciated.

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  1. I've been to La Chassagnette twice recently for lunch. It is definitely worth the trip - not only from Saint-Rémy, but just about anywhere in the world. Armand Arnal, ex Ducasse, is now the chef and he brings his own unique vision gently to the local, seasonal, organic cuisine. From the bread he bakes using vegetable puree (instead of water) and Camarguais toro saucisson amuse bouche to the Camargue rice pudding, you taste the extraordinary dreamlike region at an exceptional gastronomic level. My only regret is that I didn't have a chance to have dinner there - it is more experimental and refined. Go - I'll be wishing you good weather.

    Here's the link to my La Chassagnette Flickr set:

    Below is a photo of their housemade preserves - available to take home. I have a jar of the Pêche de Vigne - each sweet spoonful reminds me of dining in the garden at La Chassagnette this summer.

    Restaurant La Chassagnette
    Rue de l'Ecole du Sambuc, 13200 Arles, France

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      I am going to Provence in June and I am wondering if La Chassagnette is still as wonderful as these photos make it seem. Has anyone been there recently?

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        I went with my family last week for lunch. The food was exceptional, with incredible produce, and the setting is idyllic. As a point of reference, I'm guessing La Chassagnette is similar to Blue Hill at Stone Barns outside NYC (I have only been to Blue Hill in Manhattan myself): a restaurant cooking not-too-fussy food, with super-fresh ingredients, the vegetables growing close to where you eat. We all had the €55, 3 course, à la carte menu, exactly as currently posted on the restaurant's blog. Only the taureau was a little pedestrian, the rest being zingy and the right side of inventive for my taste. The highlight was the pigeon. (There was also a €95 menu découverte available, not shown online, and a cheaper, more limited menu that you can see on the restaurant blog.) Wines were well-priced, service was friendly if a little slow.

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          La Chassagnette is what Blue Hill at Stone Barns would hope to be someday. The commonalities are organic and farm-to table foods. Almost everything else pales by comparison except the wonderful stone barn. La Chassagnette with Rubenal was a most memorable meal with over 20 different mini courses. Stone Barns was memorable too...for just okay pricey food, not honoring a week-day reservation in a timely manner (waiting over 1 hour to be seated) and then waiting again for over an hour to be served the main course.

    2. For more about La Chassagnette -chef:Armand Arnal, view the Gourmet Magazine link:
      It is the middle of the video