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Aug 28, 2007 01:43 PM

Looking for a 4-6 course tasting menu in Boston?

I'm headed to Boston in early September and am just starting to look into restaurants. I love tasting menus and was thinking Italian might be a good option. (I live in DC with no great Italian options), but seafood is also good.

I know this is kind of vague, but would appreciate hearing about some great restaurants with good tasting menus for a Friday night.

Thanks (in advance).

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  1. Tasting menus I've enjoyed:

    No. 9 Park
    Craigie Street

    For Italian, Taranta occasionaly offers a tasting menu, but call first and find out when it's being offered.

    1. If price isn't an option, I would go with L'Espalier or No. 9 Park.

      1. BB3 mentioned most of my favorites. A few more: Salts, T.W. Food, Pigalle, Lumiere (in West Newton), Gargoyles on the Square, Meritage.

        1. Hi-
          I had a phenomenal tasting menu at Oleana in Cambridge. It was vegetarian, kind of North African/Mediterranean; beautiful space and truly memorable food. My friend also had the veg tasting menu and they did two totally different ones, so we got 10 dishes to taste! I think they do a non-veg tasting menu as well but not sure.

          1. I've enjoyed the tasting menu at Radius, and I believe they have a four or five course one.

            For Italian, I'd be interested to see what region Rialto in Harvard Square is doing in September. They do a four course tasting menu a month based on a region, in August it's Sardinia. Haven't done that yet but would love feedback. I've been very happy with all my meals there so far though.