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Looking for a 4-6 course tasting menu in Boston?

I'm headed to Boston in early September and am just starting to look into restaurants. I love tasting menus and was thinking Italian might be a good option. (I live in DC with no great Italian options), but seafood is also good.

I know this is kind of vague, but would appreciate hearing about some great restaurants with good tasting menus for a Friday night.

Thanks (in advance).

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  1. Tasting menus I've enjoyed:

    No. 9 Park
    Craigie Street

    For Italian, Taranta occasionaly offers a tasting menu, but call first and find out when it's being offered.

    1. If price isn't an option, I would go with L'Espalier or No. 9 Park.

      1. BB3 mentioned most of my favorites. A few more: Salts, T.W. Food, Pigalle, Lumiere (in West Newton), Gargoyles on the Square, Meritage.

        1. Hi-
          I had a phenomenal tasting menu at Oleana in Cambridge. It was vegetarian, kind of North African/Mediterranean; beautiful space and truly memorable food. My friend also had the veg tasting menu and they did two totally different ones, so we got 10 dishes to taste! I think they do a non-veg tasting menu as well but not sure.

          1. I've enjoyed the tasting menu at Radius, and I believe they have a four or five course one.

            For Italian, I'd be interested to see what region Rialto in Harvard Square is doing in September. They do a four course tasting menu a month based on a region, in August it's Sardinia. Haven't done that yet but would love feedback. I've been very happy with all my meals there so far though.

            1. BTW, many Italian places will let you do a half portion of pasta -- that will allow you to fit in a 4 course Italian meal with apps, pasta, meat/fish and dessert.

              If Chinese food is an option for (i.e. you have several people to eat with), most Cantonese places (e.g. Jumbo, Lucky House, Peach Farm) will offer anywhere between 5-12 courses as a prix fixe option.

              Off the beaten track are Indian thalis, which typically offer 4-6 items all served at once (I like the Gujarati thali at Namaskar), but that may not be what you originally had in mind.

              Would be curious to hear about the quality of the tasting menu at Sage, now that they 're officially offering one since relocating to the South End.

              re: Clio -- they also offer an omakase menu at their sashimi bar -- Uni. If you're interested in high-end Japanese, I'd consider O Ya. see http://www.chowhound.com/topics/431431

              1. For a tasty Italian prix fixe and a bargain, La Morra in Brookline Village is good. I think they serve it all the time but it may be a Mon-Thurs. thing. 4 courses for $35 I think.

                1. No. 9 Park is exceptional.
                  Domani's tasting menu was good value.

                  1. The tasting menu at Clio has always been a favorite of mine. Troquet also has a fabulous tasting menu and their wine pairings are amazing. For Italian, it's been awhile, but at one point I had a really good tasting menu at Via Matta.

                    1. It may be too casual, but I like Tremont 647

                      1. L'Espalier was the second best tasting menu I had. My husband got the extra caviar option, very nice. I would encourage that pick over others mentioned since they are moving next year. (or has that changed?)

                        The best, and most amazing one, was when we went to Salts in Cambridge mid-week in August and waiter said since they weren't busy the Chef was doing a spur of the moment Tasting Menu, would we be interested? One person didn't like some foods, including onions of all things, and the staff assured us they could work around it. We got an Amazing meal. When we asked for wine parings, they came up with one. (I can still taste the heirloom tomatoe sorbet when I close my eyes.) I don't know if they do it regularly, but it was such a joy to feel like you just happend into this wonderful food experience in a small place instead of all the hype that I feel has surrounded tasting menus now.

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                          Prezza in the North End offers a tasting menu. Not many people know about it and you have to sit at the bar to get it, but if you can believe it its $45.00 for TWO people, not each and then you can pair it with wines for an additional $15.00 per person. Overall its an amazing price at an amazing restaurant, that is if you don't mind sitting at the bar. At the end of the day if you are looking for a high priced sit down, all evening affair go with someplace else and then ALSO try Prezza.

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                            Is that considered a tasting menu? It's been the same menu for months, even serving big ole meatballs w/ polenta in the midst of summer (altho the first two courses were fairly appropriate). I just called last week and it's STILL the same and supposedly will change in the fall (even tho they told me in early summre it would change in a few weeks). We'll see. It's an amazing deal and very good, but a bummer that they're not changing it at all. Meatballs on polenta in 90 degree weather? I don't think so.

                        2. L'Espalier- V. Yummy (if you can afford it, the chef's tasting)
                          Upstairs on the Square (Harvard Sq.)

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                            Does Blue Ginger offer a tasting menu?