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Aug 28, 2007 01:42 PM

Devistation -- Best Indian Restaurant in the US has closed


This is a sad day for me. Devi has closed down. There is no Indian restaurant like it in NYC.

Any words of consolation?

  1. Oh No!!!! Is this really true? Definitely one of my favorite restaurants. This really is very sad. Why did they close?

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    1. re: mikka

      Alas, it is true.

      Here is what the restaurant webpage ( says:

      As the executive chefs of Dévi, both Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur are extremely disappointed to learn that operational differences between the restaurant’s owner and the staff have led to the closing of Dévi. Having devoted themselves to creating the unique brand of Indian home cooking that has become their signature, both Suvir and Hemant regret that the culinary journeys that they enjoyed together in fulfilling their responsibilities for food preparation in the kitchen of Dévi have come to an end.

      Please visit Suvir's website and subscribe to his newsletter, if you wish to keep informed about Suvir and Hemant's continued work together and new openings.

      1. re: toum

        I loved and adore Devi! Hopefully they will find a new location and come back to us! Truly unique and fabulous! Very sad to learn of this!

    2. This was recently rumored to be in the works, and I am sorry to hear that it was true. I only got to eat there once, and was waiting for the right time to go back. Looks like I waited too long.

      1. Wow. I never got a chance to go. I enjoyed Chef Mathur's food before.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. There may have been more behind the closing than previously thought:


            And, following on that, the happy news that all is not lost. We fans of Suvir and Hemant will be able to dine again on their superb cuisine in the spring of '08: