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Aug 28, 2007 01:42 PM

Dinner Near Greek Theater -- Advice?

Hi All--

I'm looking to do something fun for dinner tomorrow night near the Greek Theater, pre-Wilco. I don't get over to the Los Feliz / Silverlake area often at all and I'm sure there's some gems over there so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something. I am very adventurous with food (not that strange stuff is a requirement) and don't mind places that are a little more spendy.

Those of you who get over there more often than I do, your recommendations would be heartily appreciated. Thanks in advance--


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  1. In that area I'd recommend Gingergrass (Vietnamese) and Malo (trendy festive Mexican). Gingergrass is definitely the foodier pick of the two, but Malo has the booze.

    1. I recommend either eating at Vinoteca Farfalla, a nice wine bar with food by Tropicalia, the Brazilian restaurant next door, or at Tropicalia itself, which is fairly informal and with more Brazilian dishes than the wine bar side. Or there's the original Farfalla next door for Italian.
      There's really not much worth spending your money on along Vermont or Hillhurst or nearby, with the possible exception of Canele in Atwater, which doesn't take reservations so maybe not good for pre-concert. Might as well spend it on wine at Vinoteca, and if you find a parking spot around there, you can walk up to the Greek and save money on parking.
      The above suggestions of Gingergrass and Malo are a bit farther from the Greek, but also solid. Neither are spendy, unless you go wild on the tequila selections.

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        I second Vinoteca as well. Not a huge menu selection but enough for a nice light meal prior to the Greek.

      2. Blairs's on Rowena for a nice preshow dinner.

        1. Though another poster recommended Farfalla's Brazilian sidekick, I heartily endorse Farfalla for really great Italian. bring wine if you want ...I think corkage is around $14. a bottle. Great food and vibe and real close to the Greek.

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          1. re: TV Tom

            I second Farfalla. In my opinion, Chi Dynasty is awful and should be avoided.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              Chandavkl, what happened to you at Chi Dynasty?

              1. re: tatertotsrock

                Don't remember what I ate (I think it was a noodle dish for lunch) except that it was memorably bad, particularly given how much I paid. Granted that it is Americanized, and not authentic, but I do eat a lot of Americanized Chinese food too (on the theory that I should try every Chinese restaurant at least once lest I miss out on a hidden gem), and it is one of the few (along with Grandview Palace in Pasadena, Kung Pao Kitty in Hollywood and Pei Wei Diner in Torrance) that have stuck in my memory for negative reasons. (Actually there have been a few others, but I only had 99 cents invested in those meals.)

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  i agree. Chi dynasty's food is awful, and btw - i live in the 'hood and drive by it constantly, and for the longest time they never had above a 'B' rating, and to me that just signals something's not right

          2. I love CHI DYNASTY on HIllhurst just south of Los, it's not hip, no it's not super -cool and trendy, but the food is good and they make some amazing Mai Tais which get you in the perfect mood for a show a The Greek.
            I love the Aromatic Shrimp; Pork Pot Stickers; Sizzling Rice Soup; Minced Chix lettuce cups; braises green beens....the list goes on.