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What to do with leftover pork tenderloin

I bought a pre-seasoned onion-garlic pork roast, that was pretty small, but it was more than the two of us could eat, so now I have 50% leftover and don't know what to do with it. Now, you have to take into account that my DH is a super duper picky eater, so no casserole type things, and absolutely, positive no vegetables. I would just re-heat it, but that would be boring unless I can do something special. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. You could shred it and make a sandwich ( I like to use a little home-made bbq sauce to make mine ) or do some tacos. Or maybe dice it and put it on a salad?

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      Yes, the shredded pork sandwich is what came to mind right away. I assume that since you said no vegetables a stir-fry is out? Sesame noodles with the pork added would be good as well.

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        Hmmm . . . the sandwich idea might fly with him, but no way would he eat a salad! I'm not sure I can shred the pork, but it's worth a try! Thanks!

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          If you can't shred it, slice it very thinly, then heat it very slowly in the barbecue sauce. It won't even taste leftover if you heat it that way.

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            The best sandwich I have ever had was one my husband made with leftover pork tenderloin! He sliced it thinly, used some homemade bbq sauce, cheese (don't remember what kind). I think he used hamburger buns, then toasted the whole thing.

      2. Does he like tuna? I like to make a tonnato sauce - you then layer it with thin slices of the pork and let it sit overnight - delicious.

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          No tuna! He eats like a picky 4 year old - hot dogs, bologna, fries, corn, meat, potatoes. chicken wings, spaghetti (no mushrooms) and pepperoni pizza. There are a few more things but not many!

        2. Serve at room temperature, in thin slices, sprinkled with a coarse salt, and a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil. Even better with one of the colored salts. In effect, treat it as a salad or appetizer component, rather than a leftover.


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            I actually love enchiladas made with leftover pork, stuff tortillas with pork and cheese (I won't dare suggest sauteed onion as that is a veg?) and top with a tomatillo or red sauce and bake.

          2. Slice it about 1/4 in rub blackening season on it and stick it on wire rack in the oven at 250 for a few hours till it dehydrates. Dice it and toss it in salads, mix in cream sauces. Great with shrimp. Freezes well. Its called tasso ham and is widely used in Louisiana.

            Also slice it thin put on baguet with mustard, ham, swiss cheese and sliced pickles. Great on a panini press. Must be pressed. Called a Pressed Cuban.

            1. I was at an outdoor venue recently and they had pork tenderloin that was breaded and fried on sandwiches.

              I personally would shred it and serve with BBQ sauce for sandwiches or mix it some verde salsa and eat with tortillas.

              1. Slice it thin. Get some ham, some swiss, and some sliced pickles. Grab a section of french bread, mayo on one side, mustard on another, and assemble with the meats, cheese, and pickle slices. Press in a panini maker if you have one, or in a pan on the stove if you don't, until the outside gets crispy, and it is heated through, melting the cheese.

                Voila...Cuban sandwich!

                1. Slice the pork and have it as a sandwich on garlic bread. My parents made this for us, they had it at some restaurant in Rochester NY. Both of my picky preschoolers will eat it and request it often.

                  It was originally with the chinese roast pork (the appetizer at most americanized chinese restaurants) but regular roast pork works fine too.

                  1. Thanks for all the ideas, and if I was a single person I would jump on every one of them, but I am married to a uber picky eater so ix nay on most of them. But I will save a bit of it for a salad, or sandwich for myself!

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                      There's always a white sauce, sliced meat, and toast (or instant mashed).

                    2. How about shredding it and using it for taco or enchilada filling?

                      1. Am I the only one thinking Freeze it! Some night you will come home all ragged and be glad you have a quick defrost for a dandy dinner.

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                          Quine your suggestion is the best

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                            Thanks! I've had me a few days like that and thanked the forethought frozen goodies!

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                            LOL I froze mine and took it out to make......??? My hub is uber picky too so the shredded/barbecue sammies are out!

                            I'm thinking slice it, sautee it quickly in some Latin Sofrito and serve with rice and beans (everything tastes good with rice and beans)!

                          3. I took the pork and cut it in small pieces, and then put it in my mini chopper and coarsely chopped it, so that it was the consistency of ground beef. Then I put it in a skillet and added BBQ sauce, a bit of water and let it simmer until it was heated. Then I served it on whole wheat buns. It was very tasty and the DH loved it! Thanks for the suggestions.

                            1. Sandwiches....Cubans, preferably...

                              1. Are eggrolls or spring rolls too vegetable filled for him? Easy to do & you can modify the fillings to suit both of you.

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                                    No eggrolls, no fried rice, No vegetables! BORING!

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                                      Sounds like a pain in the butt. I'd make him cook his own food! The Cuban sounds WONDERFUL!

                                  2. Wow! These are great suggestions! I read through every one of them and liked Jules idea the best. I will fill the tortilla with thinly sliced pork and cheese and then top it with an enchilada sauce. It sounds delicious! My kids will love it. Thank you everyone.

                                    1. You could make a carnitas out of the rest of it. It's usually roasted in citrus and spices, then cut into large chunks and deep fried until the exterior is brown and crispy. However, when I am using leftover roasted pork, I just cut the meat into chunks, and toss it in a makeshift vinaigrette of orange and lime juice, cumin, a little oregano, vegetable oil, and maybe some chili powder. Then pop it under the broiler to brown and crisp up.

                                      You can just serve it as is in a bowl, along with some other sides. I like mine with some Spanish rice, a bowl of guacamole and some soft flour tortillas.

                                      You could also go Italian, and instead just shred the pork into some tomato sauce and make it into a pork ragu.

                                        1. I used to make this all the time. It's a great recipe.