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Aug 28, 2007 12:50 PM

Has anyone eaten at Relish in Roswell yet?

Relish just opened on Roswell Square in Roswell, GA. It is owned by the same people who own the Fickle Pickle. I dropped by on Sunday and picked up the brunch and dinner menus and am intriuged. The place itself looks very cool. I am curious to know if anyone has eaten there yet and, if so, what people thought of it.

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  1. My co-workers took me there, today, for lunch. Cute interior. There are really three seating sections if you count their terrace area. It was wonderful! We shared the pimento cheese fritters appetizer - loved the pepper jelly dipping sauce! I had the special - chicken breast with Coca Cola BBQ sauce sandwich and sweet potato fries. It was quite good! Since it was my birthday, I got to choose one of their dessserts. I couldn't resist the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding with expresso sauce. It was deadly - I was in a sugar and fat daze most of the afternoon, trying to get some work done. Check out their web page if you want to see the full menu and prices. I've eaten at the Fickle Pickle (their other restaurant on Canton Street) and really enjoy it, too. There, I've had the chicken salad sandwich for lunch and their grits and shrimp for dinner. At Fickle Pickle, don't miss the carrot cake cookies for dessert.

    Some of my co-workers have already eaten there 3 or 4 times since they opened two weeks ago, so that should be a good endorsement.

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      Yes, it is excellent. Another in a long list of very good restaurants in that part of town.