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Aug 28, 2007 12:46 PM

Light Dinner in OC

Okay, this is really last minute, but I hope folks in this board help me out.

My best friend and I will be meeting up for dinner around 6 pm near The Lab over in Costa Mesa. We've over done Mitsuwa and I don't feel like eating at Okie Dokie. Are there any places around the area within a 5 to 10 mile radius that serves a light dinner? We're both open to eating anything and our spending budget is around $20/person.


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  1. There's a newish ramen place called Koryu that I tried for the first time last week. It's pretty good, for the style of ramen they serve. They're from the light, clear broth school of ramen (I prefer the muddy-white tonkotsu style of rich pork soup, personally).

    They have the usual ramen joint menu, which means you don't have to have a hot bowl of soup on this hot summer day if you don't want that. Or you can pick and choose a few things that might consitute "light dinner," however you define that.

    Easily under $20 / person, even with a beer.

    Ko Ryu
    819 Baker St Suite B-21
    Costa Mesa

    1. That's where Memphis is. They have a happy hour menu that's really good. It goes till 6:30 pm. Get the Zuni Fry Bread. Really delicious.

      Here are some pics and a more thorough review:

      1. There's also Onotria just down Bristol from the LAB. Italian food w/ wine pairing recommendations. Not sure if this would qualify as a light dinner though. But they do have an Amuse Bouche portion to the menu.

        1. Aire across the street has small plates - try the ahi tacos & great people watching :)

          1. Check this place out. We ate there on Saturday night. It's a tiny place across the street from the lab in "The Camp" complex, and it's right next door to Aire, which is bigger, trendier and louder. I'm going to post about our experience shortly, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in and recommend this place. It has primarily a "small plates" menu and very reasonable prices.

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              Oh shoot, me and my friend already ate.

              However, the next time I'm in the area I will definitely try and hit up this place.