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Aug 28, 2007 12:38 PM


I am taking a mini-roadtrip from NYC to Lake Sebago, ME (Raymond specifically) with my fiance who has never been to the beautiful state of Maine. I'm looking for suggestions on places we should stop along the way for lobster rolls, great produce stands, etc, etc. We'll probably make a stop in Portsmouth, NH -- so any must-try restaurant suggestions there are much appreciated.

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  1. Bay Haven Lobster Two on Rt 25 (Maple St.) in Cornish, ME is good. We went there last Saturday. My wife liked the lobster roll; I liked the Haddock sandwich.

    1. There are some nice places right on Rt.1 in Kittery Me. after you cross the bridge from N.H. into Maine get off at the Rt.1 exit. it takes you past all the Outlet stores along both sides of Rt.1 There is a nice place on the Right hand side going north Just across the street from the first group of outlet stores I cant remember the name. If you follow Rt.1 north you head into York and ther are plenty of places to eat along the way. I take it you are driving all the way in one day. That should get you plenty of food along the way to make the journey pleasent enough. Hope this helps. Earle

      1. Bob's Clam Hut
        Red's Eats
        Sea Basket
        Moody's Diner
        A-1 Diner

        Enjoy- fb

        1. Just before Raymond in Windham - Bob's Seafood. It's one of the rustic-type places where you eat at picnic tables, and they call your number when your food is ready.

          In Raymond, there's the A-frame place, (sorry I don't remember the name, but you can't miss it), on your left side when heading North on 302. It's just past Aubuchon hardware, but on the other side of the road. They used to be primarily a fish market/lobster tank type of place but added a bunch of tables on the patio this year. It's also a picnic table type of place.

          If you are an ice cream fan - a stop in the Ice Cream Dugout in North Windham is a must. Really good ice cream with a Red Sox theme.

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            Thanks everyone! This is great. Happy eating...

          2. Just within the Portland city limits on Rte 302/Forest Ave is Susan's Fish and chips. A great 3 piece fish dinner for $7. You can eat out back on picnic tables, or inside at booths. Funky atmosphere, and a deft hand with the fryer. Our family usually stops here on the Boston - Raymond road trip, so I can't tell you much re Portsmouth.

            If you go to Naples, Bray's brew pub has delicious beer, and OK food. The Good Life, at the corner of 85 and 302, has expensive but interesting yuppie groceries, including some local stuff. Ice cream at the Dugout on 302 is pretty good, but it's Red Sox territory, as evidenced by the Yaknkees Suck-er Frappe.