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Aug 28, 2007 12:34 PM

CHOW restaurant in Vancouver

Has anyone tried CHOW on South Granville yet?
is it good?

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  1. the apps are uninspired but the mains are great! A little overprice but it's an experience. I would go again (when I save my pennies). Great for cocktails. Love the room.

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      1. re: jamtart12

        Hard to say. Love the brunch at Nu. .................... (denotes thinking)
        Same but different! (she says difinitively)

        Same in the slightly overpriced food but really good nonetheless, love the experience at both..............Like both for different reasons, would go to both for different reasons (she says cryptically).

        Both are "destinations" I think.

        Does that even come close to answering the question??

        1. re: starlady

          Tourist from Portland Oregon. Went to Chow the other night before dinner at West and had a great time. Jonathan was our bartender and mixes a fantastic whiskey sour with egg whites...awesome! Didn't have any food but I must say between having drink at CHOW and having drinks at NU before dinner at C tonight, CHOW is by far a better experience. Just felt like NU was a late nineties version of Tom Cruise's "Cocktail", complete with neon chandy. Hope this helps. Seems like the guys at CHOW are a young group trying to get it done. They also suggested Lolita's and Bonita's as two restaurants owned by the younger crowd trying to start something new! ~~~

          1. re: mcattrone

            Not to nit pick...... Boneta....sorry.

            And yes I have to agree that CHOW is a younger crowd kinda place :)

          2. re: starlady

            what about ciopinno
            it is a girls trip - 3 who care about dinner and 2 who do not
            i want someplace fun but assuming wherever we go we will spend - i hate to waste good money on bad food or worse, mediocre food

            1. re: jamtart12

              I would recommend Chambar for great cocktails and even better food. And not extremely over-priced for the quality and setting.

              1. re: jamtart12

                Cioppinos is great, but it doesn't sound like what you're looking for. It's a little more formal at Cioppinos.

                Chambar is a good recommendation. I would also say Blue Water or Boneta fits the description.