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Aug 28, 2007 12:34 PM

Buenos Aires E. Village

Is this a good spot for a romantic b-day dinner? Please advise...

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  1. Never been there but Kion right next door is pretty amazing. its Peruvian/Asian fusion. coconut ceviche is amazing as are some of the sushi rolls. I also had a Tuna dish that was unbelievable as well.
    pretty low key and well lit. the downstairs turns into a lounge type thing later in the evening, but that might be only on weekends.
    should be pretty quiet and romantic during the week.

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    1. re: ralph Hanan

      Buenos Aires is a terrific steakhouse with gentle prices BUT it's tiny and you will sit elbow to elbow...not my idea of a romantic spot.

    2. not really romantic, but its a nice place with authentic argentinian food. if your heart is more set on that style of food than the atmosphere then by all means its the right place. if you want a more romantic setting you can do better.

      we just went saturday for lunch and enjoyed ourselves:

      1. If your date loves meat, I guess this place can be romantic. They have the dark furniture and dimmed lights. But as Will4Food said, it's small. Who knows, mounds and mounds of great meat dishes to you might be more important than ambiance.

        1. Romantic it ain't (as the other posters have mentioned), but the food is insanely good. Check out the Veal Sweetbreads - they're to die for!