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Aug 28, 2007 11:55 AM

Takami (NOT Takumi) and "Elevate" Lounge Anyone been?

811 Wilshire, downtown, 21st floor. Really pretty space. Anyone been yet?

r gould-saltman

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    1. Just dined there last night for business. It's sexy date place. Reminds me of Katana on Sunset. Sushi was OK and the prices were not too terribly expensive eg $6 for maguro.
      Nothing too spectacular foodwise.

      1. Actually the food was pretty bad compared to Katana. The king crab leg was dry. The chicken wing yakitori was dry. The sushi was TINY. There was nothing worth reminiscing over except the view and the high prices ( in comparison to Katana)

        1. Terribly overpriced ($42 for two pieces of toro, no joke), mediocre food and spotty service. Elevate Lounge: think Forever 21 clubby-types. The men (boys, really) don silkly shirts and expose chest hair. Lots of medallions. The only thing the place is good for is a private party.

          Go to the Standard Downtown rooftop bar for a drink with a view.

          1. Nice view, ordinary food. I didn't pay.