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Aug 28, 2007 11:52 AM

I recall my review! Starboard Galley-Newburyport

Wow, did I miss the boat here.....

After a great day at Plum Island on Saturday, we headed into Newburyport and hit the Starboard Galley. I've had a couple of decent fish dinners here before, and posted as such. Saturday's experience was poor enough to prompt my recall of those reviews.

Clam chowder - over thickened.....where are the clams? No nuances, flat flavor.
Caesar salads - serviceable.
Onion soup (my daughter's choice) - wow, this was horrible! She couldn't even eat it.....
Fried haddock dinner - ok, I thought at least this would be good. Yikes, what a disaster! The fish was fresh, but was literally *wet* inside the fry coat! How could this happen? Also, very tough, overcooked tasting. Baked potato and cole slaw were the highlights of the meal. I love the horseradish they add to the slaw dressing.

Well, we won't be back.........

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  1. Wow, this is surprising to me. I've had nothing but good experiences at this place. I've never had a meal I didn't like and the portions have always been huge. Disappointing to read, but I'll go back.

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    1. re: BaileysMom521

      Yeah, I know. I had previously posted this...

      but I am really upset now.....

    2. I always thought of the place as a cheap watering hole that served food for the regulars and the hapless tourist that couldn't get into Michaels.

      1. Ughh, never had a good meal at the Starboard. Truly horrible, vile, disgusting food.

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        1. re: jjbourgeois

          Yah really when was it EVER good for anything other than drinks & bar appys and hitting on the locals?

        2. The bar is quaint, but the food is terrible. The fried food is very greasy, and tastless. The fish inside the breading is "mushy", and appears to have been frozen for a long time. Worst, however, is the steamers. They had to be live and fresh, but were tastless. The broth was just hot water with no salt or seasoning. My wife speculated that, if the steamers were boiled or steamed in water, the water should have some flavor. The chef probably saved the good broth to use in their homemade chowder, and simply served hot water with the steamers. As a result neither the steamers nor the broth had any seafood flavor. Generally almost all of the food was terrible, not worth the price. Only the chowder and beer were worth the trip.

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          1. re: aminklein

            Amazed that the place is still as bad as it ever was. Perhaps a Restaurant Impossible episode someday? What I could do with a place like that....amazing too to see this thread again almost 5 years after it was first posted.

            1. re: ipsofatso

              Yes, I would love to see Robert Irvine in there giving those folks a piece of his mind about the food quality. Almost afraid to see behind the scenes there and see what's lurking within......but it doesn't seem as though they are about to lose their shirts. I think the bar there does very well and probably keeps the place afloat.

              1. re: Science Chick

                the place has been nothing but mediocre, worse in the summer when tourists arrive.

                1. re: treb

                  I've heard that the owner is "notoriously cheap", which I imagine could account for something(s)...