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Aug 28, 2007 11:17 AM

Sweet Potato Fries

Does anyone have a reccomendation for a great place for Sweet Potato Fries? Preferably in the Northern Virginia area for a decent price? I will also consider venturing into DC, and MD if the fries are really worth it! I have a real hankering for the Sweet Potato fries and it seems they are few and far between!

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  1. Good timing. I had dinner at Chadwick's in Old Town last week and my husband got his reuben with a side of sweet potato fries. Can't beat the price there too!

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    1. re: monavano

      At the Chad? Wow, I guess I haven't been there in awhile! Thanks!!!

    2. Luna Grill in Shirlington does a good job with these.

      Luna Grill & Diner
      4024 28th St S, Arlington, VA 22206

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      1. re: sweth

        So does their Dupont location!

        Luna Grill & Diner
        1301 Connecticut Ave NW Frnt 1, Washington, DC 20036

        1. re: KWynn

          I thought I remembered having them there, too, but it's been years since I've been to the Dupont one, and I know that the menus are (or were) slightly different between the two. Thanks for the update.

      2. They had them at Cafe St. Ex the last time I was there. Get them with the burger and you'll be full and happy!

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        1. Chadwicks does have good sweet potato fries. I also had GREAT ones (as an app) at Lightfoot in Leesburg. I've never had a bad meal at Lightfoot and there are so many great choices, you might not get to the sweet potato fries.

          203 The Strand, Alexandria, VA 22314

          Lightfoot Restaurant
          11 North King Street, Leesburg, VA 20176

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          1. re: LaceyB522

            they have them at Trader Joes and they are pretty good!

          2. It's a drive, but Rub in Baltimore has damn good sweet potato great corn pudding and beef brisket.

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            1. re: kateu

              if we're recommending Rub (in our neighborhood!) despite the drive, we have to recommend Miss Shirley's in Roland Park! they serve amazing sweet potato fries in a cone with mango ketchup and citrus aioli. we always start our brunch there with this.

              if you want to go the store bought route, I've had the Alexia brand (at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's) sweet potato fries, and they're tasty.

              1. re: choconut

                You really should try the Argonaut Bar on H St in DC. It's my corner pub, and the sweet potato fries rock. They've been written up quite a bit for the sweet potato fries. Just do a google to read more. Cheers.