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Aug 28, 2007 11:08 AM

Need Quick(ish), Good Place for Dinner near 40th and Madison

I need somewhere to take may family tomorrow night near 40th and Madison that is good but I only have an hour, but preferably not a stand and not somewhere with counter service. We'll be going early (5ish) so lines shouldn't be a problem. Open to any type of food. I've heard something about Penelope's and Sophie's, but don't know much about either. Thanks!!!

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  1. You might want to also look into the dining room and cafe at the Morgan Library - I've had a good snack there, and the menu looked lovely.

    Sorry - just checked - no dinner on Wednesdays.

    1. i think the Sophie's at 40th& Lex is still closed. There is one at 34 & Mad. Its good, fast Cuban food. It is counterservice, but fresh.

      on 41st between Mad & 5th are a couple Japanese places that are quick and have some interesting things besides sushi. Also counterservice, but very good.

      1. Trying to keep it as local to where you need to be:

        Evergreen (Chinese), East 38th between 5th & Madison.
        Chez Laurence (French Bistro), Corner Madison and East 38th, East side
        Salute (Italian), Madison Avenue, @ East 39th (you probably can get out in about in hour)
        Salmon River (Seafood), East 40th between 5th & Madison

        None of these will kill your wallet too badly, all decent food, decent atmospheres and sevice too. I could think of more if you want to venture further.

        I will 2nd Sophies Cuban if you don't mind being @ 33rd & Madison. Inexpensive, no atmosphere to speak of but the food is darn good.

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          ok thanks, probably will check out Sophies then, they love good Cuban food. Thanks for the suggestions!

        2. The Turkish restaurant on the corner (very simple Turkish name I can't remember) gets strong raves. They have to serve fish.

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            Are you talking about Pera? It's on Madison between 42nd and 41st. Super tasty - but I wouldn't say quick.