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1 night - Chicago - Whats the Call?

I will be out for one night, lunch is already locked up at Giordano's or possibly another of the pizza places but that is a non-negotiable. Best foodstuff in the world is a real chicago deep dish, but I digress.

Where should I go for a solid meal where I can sit at a bar seat being out there for business and sip a few beers. Anywhere in the range of $40-$100 for the meal is fine and the standbys for me are Lawry's, Joe's Stone Crab, Goose Island, and Half Shell. Im willing to venture from these which are my favorites. I am really up for anything whatsoever, just want some quality. A touch of seafood as an app would be nice but not a dealbreaker.

Thanks Chicago.

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  1. I will be staying at the Drake Hotel so proximity would be nice, but not necessity.

    1. I would check out Dublins. Great pub atmosphere, great location for out of towners (and close to your hotel), awesome food- very very good. If you want something a bit more upscale in atmosphere, I'd recommend Carmines or Capital Grille

      1. You may also want to consider LuxBar in the aptly named viagra triangle. Food is good, scene is very good, especially if it's nice out. I know it's cliche these days, but they have good filet sliders and good fried chicken. Same owners as Gibsons. Website: http://www.luxbar.com

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          Seems interesting, there was a link to a place called Hugos on the Luxbar site. Any good? Seemed okay but might be hokey and not worth it based on first look.

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            Like any other establishment in that enterprise, Hugo's can be quite good, it just depends on what/when/how you order. One of the real assets at Hugo's is the fact that you may freely order from the Gibson's menu, as Gibson's is right next door. At any rate, I am most keen on the seasonal seafood offerings at Hugo's. For example, given the right time of year, fish offerings like walleye can be fantastic.


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              I claim ignorance- heard of walleye, never had.. is it currently in season?

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              Luxbar, Hugos, Tavern on Rush, Gibsons- these places are all about a scene. Average in food and creativity. You're basic steak joints with a lot of attitude. If you're in the mood for that, it fits the bill

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                I respectfully disagree with your comments, especially as they relate to Hugo's. Hugo's has very good food with minimal attitude, and I think that the OP would enjoy his/her experience there.

                Gibson's is more of a scene, but, IMO, still may be worth checking out for the quality steaks, food and Chicago vibe. I definitely would recommend it over some of the other places mentioned, including Dublin's (a bar with so-so food) and Capital Grille.

                1. re: RMA

                  Agree with your respectful disagree. The Gibson's group does a great job at all of its restaurants. Hugo's is a top choice in my book. In fact, to continue on my rec of LuxBar, also try their brunch on the weekend. I like Dublins too, but only after I get rather drunk at Hunt Club.

          2. I think Greek Islands is a fun place with consistent food. Be interested in hearing other opinions.

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              I love Greek Islands- I think it is a great place to go with a group of people. Not sure if I'd want to go there solo

              If you're in the mood for greek, Santorini is a great option and much more upscale

            2. A little bit of a walk, but Keefers is worth considering. Its busy with good steak/seafood and a nice bar area.


              1. Being that you at the Drake, two really good places nearby that have great bars to eat or drink are; Ditka's, the pork chop is legendary and the steaks are of excellent quality as well. And Hugo's Frog Bar for both seafood & steaks, they have the Gibson's steaks in a more subdued (than Gibson's) and classy environment. Both are in your stated budget and should leave you feeling happy and full.

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                  Ive narrowed it down to Hugo's, Joes Stone Crab and Lawry's. Can I go wrong with any of these- Im feeling a lobster in my future.

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                    I dont thin you can go wrong at all at Joe's Stone Crab, the steaks there are excellent, and if you are coming after Oct. 15th the Stone Crab is back in season, and you can get fresh claws as opposed to the frozen ones.

                    I am not a fan of Hugos, and I have never been to Lawry's.

                    Have a nice visit.

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                      I hear good things about Joe's, but I haven't been there. Lawry's is hit or miss, and I seem to be hearing more misses from posters and friends lately. The times I've gone, Hugo's was always solid.

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                        I have been to Joes twice now, and have had some very good meals there. The steaks were great, and I love the stone crab claws when in season. I have to give Lawrys a shot.

                        Maybe my issue with Hugos is their relationship with Gibsons, I really do not like the whole "scene" that is Gibsons.

                    2. It seems like all your choices are steak and seafood places. Nothing wrong with that, of course, if that's where your preferences lie. But if you want to consider broadening your choices, there are other excellent places in the vicinity of the Drake. For example, Cafe Spiaggia serves excellent Italian food, and it's right across Michigan Avenue from the Drake. A few blocks away is Bistro 110, for French bistro food.

                      As for steak choices, people have mentioned many of the good ones; you can find a comprehensive list with web links at www.chowhound.com/topics/359377

                      Similarly, there is a seafood topic at www.chowhound.com/topics/370202

                      Regarding seafood, Hugo's is close to the Drake and, like several others posting here, I think it's pretty darn good.