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Aug 28, 2007 10:25 AM

Laurel Highlands via Rt. 70/76

Will be staying Sat, Sun & Mon at Seven Springs Resort in Champion this weekend visiting Fallingwater in Ohiopyle. Traveling from Rt. 70 in Ohio via PA Turnpike. Any Chowish recs for dining stops along the way? Any Chowish recs near the resort or Fallingwater? Really looking for breakfast rec, as we are not into big brunch buffets. We like all different types of cuisine. Willing to make small detour for outstanding experience. Looking for B, L, D recs, thanks!

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  1. Only place I've eaten down there other than a quick bite before rafting the Yough is at Nemacolin. Can't go wrong anywhere on the complex, although it is expensive. Dinner at Lautrec (I haven't eaten at Aqueous) runs $72 for 3 courses plus dessert or $94 for four courses plus dessert. Breakfasts seem to be priced in line with those at better hotels, so figure on $20 pp or so. There are less expensive options there, but not much less, unless you're eating at the golf course.
    There's also Chez Gerard in Hopwood. Never been. It's classic French and was once rated in the top 20 PA restos.
    Wish I could recommend something less expensive, but truthfully never look to that area for dining, only for camping and outdoors stuff.

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      Thanks PG! I saw Chez Gerard, but it is an hour each way according to MapQuest from 7 Springs and DH is not too keen on French food (he's a big guy and feels he never gets enough to eat!). Thinking about the Green Gables restaurant in Jennerstown and the Mountain Playhouse for dinner and a show on Sat - anyone been there?

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        At Nemacolin, there is the tavern in the back of the complex. It serves decent sandwiches at lunch and has the world's largest cylindrical indoor saltwater fish tank. The Stone House in Farmington used to be good at dinner (I always worry about recommending a place I haven't been to in 2 or 3 years). Glisan's on Rt. 40 near Markleysburg serves a good breakfast with homemade bread. It is next door to our favorite motel, the National Trail -- a restored 1940's motel. The hummingbirds come to visit in the summer. Hopefully, you will have time to check out Kentuck Knob, too. It is just a few miles from Fallingwater. Imagine! Two Frank Lloyd Wright homes in that area. Puts Farmington right behind Chicago and Buffalo.

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          Thanks! We are spending Sunday doing Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob and dinner at Nemacolin sounds interesting. Will check out their web site and see what the restaurant(s) have to offer. Have also heard good things about Stone House, another possibility for Sunday night.

      2. Thanks to this board for the Glisan's rec near Ohiopyle. It was deliciouis! But it was hard to find as no one could seem to give us good directions! It's right on the highway.

        We just spent a lovely weekend at the Mountain Playhouse, where they have Green Gables restaurant. It was delicious, but a bit pricey - luckily we were on one of their theatre packages. It may be worth going for just dessert and wine, although it's probably the best restaurant in the Jennerstown, PA region.