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Aug 28, 2007 10:20 AM

The Black Pearl, Newport, R.I.

I've heard mixed reviews of this place. Any comments? Also, their website has different dining options, but if I opt to sit outside, can I choose things from the "inside" menu? Thanks!

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  1. Mr. Pobo and I went there for a casual dinner when we were in Newport a few weeks ago. We ate in the grill, it was fine, just what we wanted (sandwiches, salad, etc). I believe the outside portion has it's own menu and focuses on raw bar. There is also an fancy area, I ate there years ago, it's not where I would chose to go in Newport if I was looking for a special meal.

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      the commodores room @the black pearl is one of the best in newport for that classic upscale newport dinners.your gonna probably need a reso.the lobster bisque is only availible in the commodores room and its worth going just it.we also had a great grilled stripper,but the bisque keeps me up at night!go...

    2. I'm not a huge fan. Outside the tables are very crowded and can be hot on a hot day. And no, just the special outside bar menu, somewhat limited. My fave outdoor spots in Newport:

      The Terraza at the Spiced Pear - pricey for lunch, VERY pricey for dinner...but the setting will make you think you're Grace Kelly in Monaco.

      More casual - Pineapples at the Hyatt Goat menu of sandwiches/drinks, but gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous view of the Newport Bridge....possibly best on the island.

      Castle Hill Inn - the ultimate Newport scene/experience, also pricey.