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Aug 28, 2007 10:09 AM

Andersonville delivery

My wife is expecting a baby in the middle of September and in preparation, at the behest of one of the bazillions of baby books/magazines/blogs/monographs/pamphlets/coded messages we've been reading, we're trying to gather up delivery menus for that time in the near future when we don't feel like cooking or venturing outside. And we realized, we only know of a couple of delivery options in Andersonville. Besides the pizza places we know there's Francesca's for Italian and Noodle Zone for noodles, but what are the really good places that deliver in the area? I don't think we'll be too picky about cuisine, we're just more interested in the best places that deliver in that neck of the woods.


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  1. Andies delivers

    Reza's delivers

    Calo's delivers

    -- I've ordered from those three. Good service for the most part.

    Check out for more restaurants in the area that will deliver. They have menus on-line.

    check out

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    1. re: lbs and are two great options. Ceodeliveries is a bit more pricey, but you can order from more upscale restaurants that don't offer delivery on their own

      Congrats on the Baby!

    2. Reza's and Andy's deliver and of course Chicago Pizza til 5am. Personally, I prefer it to Renalli's.
      For really good Japanese comfort food try Sunshine cafe just south of the Jewel on delivery but it's worth the trip.
      Also pick up some ultru fresh ready made middleastern eats at Middleastern Grocery on Foster just west of Clark street.

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        Thanks - I'd totally forgotten about Reza's and Andie's (though we've ordered delivery from both before).

        What's the best Chinese delivery in the area? This is the one we're most curious to find. No luck so far...

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          Hmm.... Chinese. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of Chinese food so I can't really answer. However, Mei Shung on Broadway has been mentioned on this board as having pretty good/decent food.

          1. re: psegall

            Orange Garden on Irving just east of Damen has been around since the 20's or 30's. I recall that they had pretty decent food on my last visit around 3 years ago. Not sure if they deliver.

        2. We were in your boat around this time last year, and I do have some delivery suggestions, but I was wondering if you would consider pre-prepared meals? We actually looked into this service where someone makes tons of meals for you, packages them up, and either freezes them or has some ready to be eaten. Actually, quite a number of private chefs offer these kinds of "new parents packages."

          A few of our favorites:
          - Chen's (on Clark) for Chinese
          - Andies
          - Caro Mio (on Wilson) for Italian
          - Potbellies + Jimmy John's for sandwiches
          - Leona's for burgers

          Best of luck to you!

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          1. re: mcyentyre

            Thanks a lot - do you happen to know the names of good pre-prepared options? I think it's something we'd definitely consider (small freezer and all). One more question, though: do they tend to have vegetarian dishes?

            1. re: psegall

              Here's the short list I called (but please know I ended up not doing this since we had moms and other help come into town):

          2. My favorite Andersonville delivery places are:

            Mei Shung - best Chinese I've found on the north side
            EnThaice - above average Thai
            Pizzeria Aroma - perfectly decent pizza"
            Ben's Noodles and Rice - yummy food and very nice staff.

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            1. re: merkay

              Thanks for all the responses. Now we'll have something to eat when we try to recall what uninterrupted sleep was like.

              1. re: psegall

                We live in Andersonville and have worked hard to find the best delivery places. Young's Chinese is the best Chinese I've had in the city. They have a website and really quick delivery. Mention a "coupon" and you get free chicken fried rice with any order over $25.

                If you like Indian food, Essence of India in Lincoln Square delivers some delicious grub.

                Apart pizza, which is also in Lincoln Square but soon opening a store in Edgewater, is some of the best brick-oven pizza I have ever, ever had.

                And, Philly's Best provides great grinders and cheesesteaks!

                Good luck with the little one!