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Aug 28, 2007 10:01 AM

That One Restaurant in Hoboken

I will be in Hoboken in the next couple of weeks (week night) and would like to have dinner there. I would like to know that one place you would recommend, and why.

As far as type of food is concerned, I would like to stay away from Italian, only because there are lots of good Italian restaurants where I live. I'm wide open to other suggestions.

Two requirements are: the place must have a liquor license and must take reservations. I don't want to be cooling my heels for an hour or more, thus making for a very late arrival home.

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  1. Amanda's on Washington Ave. - they have an "early bird" special that is quite reasonable and French food that is good. I think they have a bar but can't quite remember and we have not been there for a couple of years so I would call ahead.

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      I work in Hoboken, so I do lunches at these places. Teak on the Hudson isn't bad. The location is really pretty. Lots of sushi and some other specialities. Brass Rail is overrated. It's Greek to Me is OK, so so really. I really like the Karma Cafe, which is an Indian buffet and probably not what you are looking for. Grimaldi's Pizza is worth the trip, even tho you said no Italian. Delish.

    2. You might a good response over at

      I inquired with them, and a few people already mentioned Cucharamama as a sure winner.

      Check it out, and good luck!

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        Thanks much for your help. I checked out the link and got lots of good recs.

      2. Cafe Elysian is nice - it was just redone a few years ago - kind of pricey (although, welcome to hoboken) but nice cozy atmosphere - it retained alot of the old school buidling elements (floors, celinings). Not sure about the reservations though...