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Aug 28, 2007 09:56 AM

handicapped accessible?

My wife has a friend coming into town this weekend who is in a wheelchair. It's my job to come up with a place for dinner Saturday night. Any reccomendations for places that don't require stairs or anything? Also close by to a T-stop is a must since her chair won't fit in our car. Thanks!

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  1. Um...significant parts of the T aren't handicapped-accessible either, unless you're looking at bus routes. (And even then I think the major routes have wheelchair-accessible buses but not all of them do.) This is tricky - you might consider taking a taxi that can handle a wheelchair, which would open you up to a wider range of restaurants. I think you can call and arrange for a chair car - I know I've seen them around on the streets.

    Any guidelines as to what parts of town or kinds of food you're interested in?

    1. I know that the Davis Sq. T stop has an elevator. You have as options Gargoyles, Sagra, or Out of the Blue, all of which have maybe one small step up that I think a wheelchair could negotiate.

      Doesn't Central Sq have an elevator, too? Central Kitchen or Rendezvous I think are accessible.

      Edit: Instead of guessing, why not go to the source? Looks like many Red Line stops have elevators. Anyway, it's a start - hope this helps.

      1. The T also has a handicapped van service called "the ride". Check out the web site or call them for what they can do.

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          thanks for the suggestions. i'm not too worried about getting around. she's come before and it's been totally fine. most t-stops do have elevators. i'm more worried about where to go to eat that doesn't have a lot of steps. ideally someplace in boston b/c when she comes we usually stay in cambridge. price point isn't a big deal. nothing ridiculously expensive though.

        2. If you want to take the Orange Line to Back Bay Station (has elevators) or Green Line E/Arborway branch to Prudential (also has elevators, but the Green Line trains can be iffy if you don't find one of the new low-floor models) you can access most of the South End's restaurants within a few blocks.

          I've seen wheelchairs on the large patios belonging to Petit Robert, Tremont 647, and Columbus Cafe. Since they're right on the sidewalk and have room on all sides, it might be the best and most comfortable bet. The interior of Tremont 647 is also accessible, but the other two aren't. Two more accessible choices right near Back Bay Station are Coda and Douzo.

          Sibling Rivalry would be the restaurant row choice, but avoiding the narrow and uneven brick sidewalks from Back Bay Station requires a longish detour down Columbus Ave to Berkeley Street.

          1. KO Prime, 90 Tremont St.
            Rocca, 500 Harrison Ave.
            Sage, 1395 Washington St.
            O Ya, 9 East St.