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Aug 28, 2007 09:54 AM

Concord, NH - Ocean Tide / Fisherman's Finest Seafood

Do you know if this is more of a market or a restaurant? Any recomendations? thanks!

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's a market or take out but not a rest. or sit down. Are you looking for a place to eat in Concord? Or are you looking for a great seafood restaurant in the area?

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    1. re: lexpatti

      They have a small table against one wall with a couple bar stools where one can eat or wait while they prep an order; also they have a picnic table outside in front where some patrons choose to dine when the weather is nice. Their main business is take-out (ready-to-eat) and fresh seafood for cooking at home.

      As for quality, I sampled two items, both were excellent: their fish chowder had generous chunks of fish/lobster/clam/mussels; the grilled salmon sandwich was seared perfectly. I found this place by chance, my old GPS had a prior name, you would drive by without seeing it if you didn't have the address.

      1. re: whythisglass

        Where is it? How is the fish market for selection/quality? Any whole fish, or just pre cut filets?

        1. re: qianning

          Fisherman's Finest is located on Storrs St. across from the Nh State Liquor Store. They have a good selection overall, and I've never been let down by the quality. I have seen whole fish a few times, trout if I remember correctly. Most of the fillets are cut to order. The Ahi Tuna is especially nice and always fresh.

          1. re: OwenD

            thanks for the info. by "filets cut to order" , do you mean cut from a fish on site, or cut to certain weight/portion size from pre cut filets?

            1. re: qianning

              they are cut from fish on-site. For example, the salmon is normally a half side, and it can be cut to whatever size or weight you require.

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