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Aug 28, 2007 09:15 AM

I & D Glatt Opening in West Hempstead

I & D Glatt (butcher) of Brooklyn fame is opening in J & M Glatt's location in West Hempstead (Long Island, NY). There is great news for people, who live in the West Hempstead area. Hopefully, this will reduce the shopping trips to Gourmet Glatt & Brach's that the Jeterfans have been making for the last number of years.

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  1. I went to I & D today. They have a much better selection of food than their predecessor. The takeout food looked good. I & D has some takeout Mideastern food in addition to the usual kosher takeout fare. From what I understand, I & D has an excellent reputation in Brooklyn, where its original store is located.

    1. I live in West Hempstead and have been getting my meat delivered from I&D's Brooklyn shop for a few years (the owner is a WH resident and delivers to WH, the 5 towns and I think even the city). David Yizhaky, the owner is a very nice man and offers a great selection of fresh meat and fish. I understand that he is very open to suggestions from patrons on the grocery end since he is new to that area. This is wonderful news for the community and I hope he is well received.

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        I was there this morning. They have a large selection of frozen homemade Israeli specialties like bourekas, stuffed vegetables, spicy meat patties, etc. They are renovating the store and adding additional types of food items.

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            Call their Brooklyn location to get the West Hempstead location's address.

            I and D Glatt Meat and Poultry
            482 Avenue P
            Brooklyn, New York 11223
            (718) 339-8555

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              The WH address is 179 Hempstead Avenue and the phone number is 516 489 6926. They will be closed during the 9 days, but offering meat delivery from their brooklyn location.

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