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Aug 28, 2007 08:53 AM

Mariachi in Boston?

Hi everyone. My husband LOVES mariachi music so I'd like to take him out sometime soon to a restaurant that has it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard of Tacos el Charo in JP, has anyone been there and seen the musicians? Any feedback would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I went to El Charro twice when they had the mariachi band. The band was excellent even though it seemed to be almost a pick-up thing and was sort of squeezed into the room (large band, medium size room), they did some strolling/serenading. However, I would call to check whether they will have the Mariachi, because the last time I was there on a Saturday the band didn't play.

    Tijuana on Broadway in Chelsea also had mariachi music, someone here mentioned it at Cinco de Mayo in Chelsea, but they have temporarily moved. There are a lot of nortena and regional music events at Wonderland, at least monthly, but that doesn't involve chow unless you get the sausages outside the clubs.

    1. IXTAPA in Arlington has them on thurs. night
      Also, check out OLE in Cambridge, dont remember what nights they have them but they also have dance nights with free lessons if needed.
      not to mention great food and service.

      1. It's been about 2 years since I went to Tacos El Charro in JP but I liked their food very much at the time. Have never been there for the live entertainment though. Call first to make they sure they haven't closed, though, because when I went there the place was up for sale and the person working there told me they would vacate when/if it sold.

        Plaza Garibaldi in Revere presents entertainment along those lines, but I was not impressed with the food.

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          Tacos El Charro was open as of ~2 weeks ago. We enjoyed their cebiche tostada recently:

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            tacos el charro is still open. i ate there last week.

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              FWIW, despite the name Plaza Garibaldi is Columbian owned (since it was sold a few years ago). I believe they still have Mariachi Saturday nights (during dining hours, the night club is a whole different scene). IMO its better as a night club than restaurant though and there are better options nearby in Chelsea.

              For the TEC its still open, but check on the Mariachi -- I have been there on a Saturday when they didn't play.