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Aug 28, 2007 08:47 AM

any inside info on Balthazar?

Other than potentially crowded, what;s the scoop on Balthazar on Spring Street?

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  1. Not certain if this is inside information, but here it goes. I am a fan of their duck confit - for a while, that was all that I would order, along with oysters, of course. Their carafes of wine are a pretty good deal and they also have a decent bottle of cremant d'alsace for under $40. I would skip their bouillabaise and if ordering steak, splurge on the actual steak frites - I've found the less expensive steaks on their menu rather tough. I especially love this place in the early morning - quite lovely.

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      I agree about the carafes. Love the plateau de fruits de mer, the tartare, the frites ...