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Aug 28, 2007 08:16 AM

Lunch in Financial District - Anything good out there?

Myself and ten of my co-workers would like to go to a relatively simple sit-down lunch near our office. Houston's is always a favorite, however they do not take reservations. In general it seems to be an issue to seat this many people anywhere around here. I am looking for a place that will give fairly quick reliable service where we can make a reservation and is not that far from state street. If you know of this hidden gem please let me know. They also like to go to Clarke's however are looking for something slightly better for this occassion.

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  1. How about the Vault on Water St.? A short walk from P.O. Square. They take a res and usually have no problem with larger parties. Some good salads and pressed sandwiches.

    1. Two other choices along similar lines would be Silvertone on Bromfield and the Good Life on Kingston, both upscale, but unpretentious takes on bar food.

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      1. re: finlero

        Not sure that you could fit 10 into the Silvertone dining area comfortably.

        1. re: kbw18

          Perhaps not the side with the bar, but I'm pretty sure you could make it work on the opposite side of the restaurant (left at the bottom of the stairs).

      2. You could also go to Sel de la Terre at 255 State.

        1. From the title I was going to go with Houstons, but yes ten people there is pain! I would second The Vault and The Good Life, both have good food and can accomodate your party size. In fact the food is like Houstons without that corporate run restaraunt feel.

          1. Grotto is open for lunch and takes reservations. It's closer to State St. than Good Life.


            37 Bowdoin Street, Boston, MA 02114