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Aug 28, 2007 08:15 AM

Hail Ceaser's - Cranston RI

Anyone know what happened to Hail Ceaser's in Cranston RI? I remember when he was cooking in that small, 10 to 12 table resturant then opened the larger one on Park.

I moved away, came back, it's gone.

Anyone know where the owner/chef is cooking now?

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  1. I was sad to see it go too --- loved it --- don't know what happened

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    1. re: RIRICK

      I might be wrong, but I think the owner has opened 'Sogno' in Cranston. I have a friend who lives near there, and that is what she heard in the 'neighborhood'. However, I have never heard great things about Sogno.

      1. re: OOliver

        Sogno is average at best, and overpriced for the quality for sure.