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Aug 28, 2007 08:11 AM

Looking for a cool restaurant in la or "hollywood" that has a private space for 20ct Bday!!!

Looking for a Los Angeles restaurant that has a "cool" crowd. Trendy but not snooty, being that this is a bday party and once people start drinking they may get a little loud!! Something other than les deux or geisha house!! Maybe a place that plays music.. Could be a club/restaurant.... PLEASE HELP!!! Birthday is this weekend!!

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  1. Grace has a nice private room. No music, but great food and drinks.

    Grace Restaurant
    7360 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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    1. re: David Kahn

      Wouldn't call Grace a cool crowd spot, though. Wonderful food -- my favorite restaurant in the city, but I'm thinking the OP is looking for some place a bit more lively.

      Down the road from Grace is Jar, which is already loud, so no one will notice.

      Since you've been Geisha House, I assume you're familiar with the Cahuenga Corridor. My rec, then, is Citizen Smith. Velvet Margarita might work also but I've only hung out at the bar, so I can't speak about the food.

      Why is Hollywood in quotes? It does exist, you know.

      Citizen Smith
      1600 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        i almost never do "hollywood" but i tried the food at citizen smith last year and it was really good!

        grace, craft, jar, while all having good food are missing the mark...they are not party places at all...

        i think emme down below has the right idea.

    2. Dar Mahgrub is always fun for a big group --- and they have a private room that could accomodate 20.

      Other options: Table 8, Red Pearl Kitchen, Velvet Margarita.

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      1. re: Obessed

        Table 8 is a good rec. I just thought of Bossa Nova also which would be great but they don't take reservations.

        I gotta eat at Velvet Margarita some time just to check it out. I'd love to see the menu at a place where goth meets Tijuana.

      2. You can get seating for 20 at the Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega... the food is no better than average but it's a fun, festive space.

        1. Nic's in Beverly Hills
          Buffalo Club in Santa Monica
          Social Hollywood
          Velvet Margarita on Cahuenga is certainly a cool crowd.
          Gardens at Taxco
          Lucky Devils is fun w/ great beer selection
          Asia de Cuba

          1. Not in the "club" sense.

            But the newly opened Craft definitely should fill the "cool" quota and has an amazing private area with it's own private patio and dining area that could hold 20 and then some.

            10100 Constellation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067