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Aug 28, 2007 08:10 AM

Compass or Telepan?

Dinner for four on a Saturday night in early September. Both menus look fine. Any suggestions for best overall experience?

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  1. only been to telepan but i heartily recommend it. nice, comfortable room, great service, great menu. the trout, lobster bolognese, and lamb were all standouts.

    prices were reasonable considering the quality.

    1. Both are worthy of your consideration but-with the recent chef change at Compass (back to Neil Annis) I'm not sure the online menu matches the actual menu. In fact, the online menu still lists John Fraser.

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      1. re: David W

        True, the PDF menu for Compass says John Frasier, but the Executive Chef page features Annis. So, should we assume that he has apprived the old menu?

        1. re: FeelingALittleBreadish

          Although this is a return engagement at Compass for Annis, when a new chef takes over, it takes some time for him or her to completely overhaul the menu. While some tweaking of the departed chef's menu may occur, it usually remains in place for a while.

          There is a notation on the website stating, "Check soon for our new fall menu." Obviously, that will be Annis's. Whether it will be in place by early September is hard to say. You could call the restaurant and ask. The food we had at Compass when Annis was there before was delicious, so his new menu is something to look forward to.

          1. re: RGR

            Yes, do call Compass and check. When I was there last week the menu was clearly in transition. Mainly fish, most of it coming from the saute station. Food was fine, menu just wasn't very diverse. Yet.

      2. Sam, David, RGP, and Joan:
        Thanks for your guidance. We are going to give Compass some time to finds it's way (so to speak) and try Telepan.

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        1. re: FeelingALittleBreadish

          Four of us went to Telepan last Saturday night. All the food was good, especially the vegetables. We swooned over the fried vegetable "share" to start and the heirloom tomato sandwich special. One of us had the tasting menu wuth wine and the others went a la carte. The service was very professional—helpful without being intrusive. The first few courses came in rapid succession, but when we asked the waiter to slow down the pace, he arranged for a nice long break before bringing out the entrees. Our table was comfortable and uncrowded. We sat in the room on right as you enter the door, near the back, where there was an entrance to the kitchen—even so, there was no noise or odors from the ktichen. Overall, we were all very pleased. We all thought it was a great find and I gave credit to Chowhound!

          1. re: FeelingALittleBreadish

            never been to compass but a definate thumbs up for telepan.