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Best Mexican Fare in Atlanta

Okay - I've lived in Atlanta for 20 years and I've eaten my share of mexican food, but I'd like to get feedback from other chowhounds on where the best mexican food is. Overall, I haven't found too many places I would recommend. The places that stand out are as follows:
- Los Hermanos in Tucker - This is currently my favorite mexican restuarant - great specials and menu items, particularly the seafood items
- El Mexica in Roswell (sister to Mexico City Gourmet) - I have eaten at this place since it's start many years ago in Roswell Mill...terrific Quesadillas
- Pure Taqueria in Alpharetta - try the fish tacos
- Taqueria Del Sol - good range of "cross-over" tacos - very tasty
- El Jinete (Roswell, Woodstock and Stn Mtn) - probably the most authentic tacos carne asada - and the chorizo queso - yummmy!

Let me know what you think -

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  1. Los Hermanos is outstanding, their fish tacos are great.
    I do like El Rey de Taco on Buford Hwy, with fresh corn tortillas.
    The Taquerias del Sol and Taqueria Sundown are very good for what they are, their charros beans and greens are the best.
    I will have to give El Jinete a try.

    1. as far as relatively authentic:

      Zocolo in downtown decatur and midtown is very good all around

      Zapata on P'tree Pkwy near holcomb bridge has above average food

      Nuevo Laredo off of Howell Mill has great mole

      1. Taqueria dos Hermanos on Cleveland Ave. in East Point.
        Attached to a Shell station....excellent and authentic...great fresh bar for sides and sauces.

        1. Taqueria la Oaxaquena in Jonesboro (not far from the airport) is always worth the trip and might be the best. El Myr in Little 5 has great fresh ingredients and excellent margaritas. Taqueria del Sol never lets me down (and I eat there at least once a week) and I think they have the best margaritas in town. Nuevo Laredo is excellent from top to bottom (except for the wait).

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            i havent' heard of Taqueria la Oaxaquena, i will have to check this place out.

          2. Los Hermanos in Tucker has the best mexican in the Atlanta area. I haven't found anything that comes remotely close to it!

            1. Is Mexico City Gourmet still open? When I was matriculating in Alabama this was the spot we always journeyed to...tableside guacamole,great carne asada...stiff margaritas.I wish I was there right now.

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                The one off of Clairmont is still there. It is just okay in my opinion. The people are very very nice but the food is so so. There used to be one in Dunwoody also, but no more.

              2. Nuevo Laredo Cantina - Chattahoochee Ave. I get the Tacos de Carne Asada every time.

                1. Check out the many Buford Highway offerings and also check out AtlantaCuisine.com. There is a whole thread there on Mexican restos.

                  Please post back with your finds!

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                    Taqueria la Oaxaquena -- Bill Addison did a review a couple of years back in Creative Loafing and I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder -- I'll be in the area this week end and will report back!

                  2. I used to work near Los Hermanos in Tucker, so I know what you all are talking about - awesome food! We love El Potro on Buford Hwy., just North of Lenox Rd. Great service, consistently good food, and cheap. We used to live closer, but we still hit it when we can. Nothing too unique, but all good quality.

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                      Taqueria la Oaxaquena -- a great chowish hole in the wall. I had the tlayuda with cecino (pork) which covered an entire cafteria size tray (wax paper in between). Coveted the mole next to me which is on my list to try next. Fab salsa bar with fiery green, three kinds of various reds, and a guac kind. Total mess of the crispy yet pliable tortilla, covered with beans, just the right amount, topped with cheese, two kinds including string cheese. Plus lettuce, tomato and the pork along with wedges of avocado. Topped with all the salsas, a glorious mess. WAY too big to finish. Eat not unlike a pizza. Cost 9.99, no alcohol, cash only. No English either. On Tara Blvd. in strip mall just off Mt. Zion, across from Up the Creek Fish Camp. A find!