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Aug 28, 2007 07:47 AM

El Cid for drinks?

Is there a decent bar at El Cid for 2 people to sit at for a few drinks? If not, any recommendations in the Chelsea area?

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  1. not really to just drink. they would want you to eat too. its a small place and they use the bar as seating, in fact, you really need to make a res to even get in easily (although if you go right when they open it can be ok, they have walk-in bar space saved).

    if you just want to drink the wine bar ARA in the meatpacking between THE HOG PIT and VENTO has a few tasty sangrias (they do have some bar food too, but they dont press it and its very skippable). also, wine beer and drinks too. it's an ok place to watch the meatpacking crowds go by or you can relax in the back lounge area.