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Aug 28, 2007 07:42 AM

Dinner in Old Town Alexandria

My best friend is coming down from Manhattan for Labor Day Weekend. We're two 26 year old girls looking for a cool place to have a nice dinner before hitting PX and then maybe a couple other classic Old Town bars (i.e. Murphy's). I suggested Eve, but the menu doesn't suit her, so I'm looking for alternatives. It could be as nice as Eve or a couple of steps down. Sorry, but we are married to Old Town for Saturday night...we have DC plans already for another night. Any suggestions would be fantastic!
Thanks in advance! You guys are great!

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  1. Oh, there's plenty good food in Old Town, so you should have fun! I'd suggest Majestic, another Armstrong restaurant. It has classic American cuisine. Also, Overwood on Lee St. It''s wood fired oven puts out more American food such as roast chicken, steaks, ribs and meatloaf. The fried green tomatoes at both places are great.
    Vermillion has a wonderful chef and more progressive menu. It's been firing on all cylinders lately.
    Last, and I'm not afraid to recommend this, especially if you're from out of town. The Chart House on the waterfront has a fantastic view. If the weather is nice, I'd at least get a drink and apps on the deck there before dinner. The food is just fine too!!

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      Avoid Austin Grill at all costs. If you'd like to splurge Landini Bros. is my favorite Italian. Mai Thai is also very good. O'Connel's food is not that great. BUT Ecco is excellent. Look at their menu you may like it.

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        Ecco has been closed for a few years. Overwood has replaced it. It's been endorsed here. O'Connel's is quite expensive and I think the selection is just OK. It does have some outdoor roof seating however, so you might want to peruse the menu and decide for yourself.

    2. I really like the Pita House. It isn't as upscale, but it's good. Majestic is also really good.

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        The Pita House on Cameron (one block north of King) is very good and cheap! The Kafta sandwich is delicious.

      2. Thanks! I do like Pita House. I'm looking for something a little fancier. I will check out the Majestic and Overwood.

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          Remember Eve has the bistro as well as the tasting room. I'd say for what you are looking for Majestic is your best bet. Can't go wrong there.

        2. Have you looked at Farrah Olivia? I haven't been there so search the board for recs. It may be a bit out of central Old Town area.

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            I'd put Farrah Olivia in the same league as Eve. It seems a little high-end for what the OP is looking for.

            I'd second Overwood though.

            1. Mai Thai down by the water offers great Thai. It isn't upscale but it is always busy and has modern decor. 100 King is also a good option.